, Everyday Whole Wheat Bread via @sharethis. I've never tested it in a loaf pan, so that could affect the baking time. I am brand new to bread baking - is this how this recipe is supposed to be or should it be lighter/fluffier? Like yours, mine looked great after I removed the towel, but when I added the rest of the flour it seemed impossible to stretch and knead. I made it again and only added a little more than 2 cups and it came out perfect. One thing I learned from a chef that I NEVER read online was that yeast must be in WARM not HOT water. It turned out wonderful. You would write this the day I skip lunch. How do I make it less dense? hmm...did you make any substitutions? Thanks for getting back to me! I then gently tuck the ends underneath. :). I have never made homemade bread before but want to try this recipe! I usually have to let the 2nd rise go for quite a bit longer than noted to get any height at all. I kept reading on other sites how hard it was to make 100% whole wheat bread, especially if you have never tried to make homemade bread before (like me). Give it a proper burial and get some more. Sorry for all of the questions, but I truly want to help figure out what Would greatly appreciate any feedback you have time for.:-). I skip the instruction no. Can this be made in loaf pans rather that freely shaped? The pans should be more than 1/2 full with the wet dough. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I've never made this recipe in the standing mixer, so over mixing could have been an issue. 1 1/2 cups 1% organic milk Today I tried it again with some changes...I used white whole wheat flour. The rising process is always fine and then when I bake they turn into dense flat pucks. Turn onto a lightly floured surface; divide dough in half. I grind my own flour and use the hard wheat flour from Thanks for the feedback! 3/4 cup organic honey I haven't tried it, but that's a great idea! If it's too hot it will kill the yeast. What would happen if I kneaded it longer? Adding the water should have helped it become more soft and supple - not stiff. This bread tastes almost exactly like the bread we buy back home in Bavaria, Germany. I'm having the same problem. The bread is ready for me in the morning. I am guessing something went wrong in the second addition of flour or maybe the initial reaction wasn't as good as I thought it was. Pastry flour doesn't have enough protein or gluten for this recipe. I misspoke - I meant for those who wanted to make these in a loaf pan or with a stand mixer. [...] Wow. The only change I made from the instructions was to put the loaves in bread pans and cook an extra 5 minutes. What brand/kind of flour are you using? Also, it's very important to make sure your yeast hasn't expired. "Organic Bread of Heaven" Black Knit Hat. Bread making can be a learning process. I posted this recipe before I began soaking my grains and this recipe wouldn't work if you left the entire mixture to soak overnight. can't wait to try this to bread making! Then put it into 2 loaf pans, rose and baked per the recipe (did have to bake 3-5 extra minutes though). 8. Mix all the dry ingredients together. Thank you. I've made it in loaf pans a couple of times -- split it into two pans. The bread also risen well at about 5" tall. Guess I will make bread crumbs from these two loaves. Has anyone else had this trouble? Posts may contain affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. I thought that was an important step. I'm so glad to have bread in my house that has only real ingredients! I am not sure what I did. I'm going to freeze one of the loaves after it cools since I doubt it will last until next week. I tried it again today and it's in the oven now :) It did rise today and I can't wait to eat it! That's interesting. The water temp was just over 100, I melted the butter in the microwave, instead of kneading mixed everything in my kitchen aid mixing bowl and then used the dough hook to knead the bread on 1/2 setting for a few minutes until well formed. Sure, Aaron and I still enjoy epic full day wood-fired sourdough bread bakes in our cob oven. The melted butter might have been too hot for the yeast. I actually put all the ingredients right into the mixing bowl,... 2. If it rose in the first stage, then the yeast, water, flour and sugars were working together. Hi, If I used salted butter instead of unsalted, would that work? It was delicious! I saw a similar no-knead recipe elsewhere that also called for what seemed to me to be a lot of honey. No problem! I've never tried freezing the dough, but I think it's worth a try. Then you know it is active. 4. Honey gives bread an extra special flavor that warms the belly … I did the first in a loaf pan and the second on the sheet, but both needed more time. 1. It seemed to turn out perfectly except it wouldn't get done in the middle and the outside got really hard because I kept it in trying to get the middle done. Thanks for the terrific recipe! Learn how your comment data is processed. In a large bowl stir melted butter, warm water, 3 cups flour, honey and yeast. Thanks and I love your site! If you are scared of using yeast, this bread will get your feet wet! I left out the butter, made it in a loaf pan, had no problems rising and got golden brown. I really think the humidity was an issue - it has been so, so dry this winter! Really! A very moist dough with a great open crumb and superb crust. Spread an even layer of sauce on bread, add cheese and select toppings. You could also bake the loaves, freeze them and then thaw when needed. Dough can be a temperamental thing and the humidity and air temperature can play a huge part in the final outcome. The Top 10 Baby Safe Paint Products For Your Nursery. Otherwise I followed the recipe exactly. Maybe you could use the second, more dense loaf for croutons. Wanted it to have a little sweeter taste. If you'd like a grain-free bread recipe, … Could you please elaborate on how we roll the dough after we have spread it out into a rectangle, thank you. Sorry, I guess I'm on the wrong page. Bread making can be quite a challenge, but once you have that tender loaf come out it's like magic! So I figured that if one person was interested, maybe a few more might be as well! Also, the yeast needs to feed off the sugar, so I wouldn't cut out the honey or decrease it in this recipe. I used a thermometer to check the internal temperature and removed the loaves at 180 degrees. Low Glycemic Agave Nectar (only 17 on the Glycemic Index), unsweetened applesauce in place of oil, Smart Balance 'Butter' (giving you all your omega 3s and olive oil benefits), and gluten-free oat flour make this banana bread super clean. I hope that helps! Mix just the yeast, warm water, and honey in the same bowl you are going to mix the flour in. I baked it in a loaf pan. I am excited to try this recipe. Is 20 minutes really long enough to bake this bread? There are countless variations, white and brown, with butter or without, and some with currants, caraway seeds, and all kinds of other additions, but this one has been my favorite for over a decade: I baked it anyway and it came out dense, crumbly, and doughy in the middle. Knead the dough for one minute (if the dough is a bit sticky, add a tablespoon or two of flour). I'm sorry to hear you are having issues. Thanks for the recipe! Bring 1 cup of water to a boil in the microwave or on the stovetop. Next on my list.. I'm so happy to have found this recipe for whole wheat bread! Kneading develops the gluten, so extra kneading would mean a more dense bread. Thanks for the recipe and the help :-). I had intended to do this by hand). I have King Arthur whole wheat flour that I'm trying to find a bread recipe for. Hi! Traditional Wholemeal Bread Makes 1 loaf This recipe makes one oven baked wholemeal bread loaf but if you times all the ingredients by three and you will have three loaves - one to eat immediately and two to freeze for another day. Then, I had a lot of trouble adding the rest of the flour. I do live in a very humid climate, not sure how to combat that if that's the issue. here goes nothing! I baked two loaves today and it turned out beautifully! Put your yeast and water in the bowl and add a teeny bit of whatever sweetener you're using in the recipe - here I used a tsp of the honey from the 1/3 cup of honey in the recipe. Using the parchment, immediately lower bread into heated Dutch oven. See more details Organic Bread of Heaven 100% Spelt Sourdough $6.99. I'm new to this bread making thing, so I'm clueless :). After both pieces of loaves are formed, place a clean dish towel over the loaves and let them rise again in a warm, draft-free area for about 30 minutes or until they double in size. I'm not sure what doughgods are. I used king Arthur 100% whole wheat flour. Cover the bowl with a clean towel and set in a warm, draft-free area for 30 minutes. This time, no reaction... no rise. These 20 easy bread recipes don't call for any fancy flours (not even bread flour). This is my first attempt to bake my own bread. 3 T sugar Required fields are marked *. But I eat it as-is, without jelly or butter or anything, and I really like it. 15 minutes of kneading will also make the bread tough, so next time try kneading it for the recommended time. This was delicious and a big hit for our dinner party (served alongside italian casserole). 6 tablespoons organic olive oil haha :). I would love to have just organic bread for me and my family to eat. Anyone else make their own bread? Just hoping it could be salvaged. I want to try this recipe. I'm going to use for my children's sandwiches. Through unprocessed, organic food and detox I’ve reversed Hashimoto’s disease, chronic migraines, IBS and eczema. There, to this day, they bake their bread in a very old stone oven in the middle of a small village, once every 2 weeks. What about Red Wheat flour? I follow the recipe and even when I serve the hamburger buns immediately my husband thinks it is too dense. But, I'm so happy that I found this and will be making it again! I made this yesterday and it doesn't seem to be done in the middle! Grease the baking pans with olive oil so the bread won’t stick to the sides and bottom. We found this when we were testing the recipes for my cookbook. (Also, I don’t have a mixer which is referenced in the instructions. I did add a few drops of water to my hands eventually. Hmmm..I'm not quite sure what happened. This Sourdough bread recipe uses our Wild Yeast Sourdough Starter recipe, or you can purchase our ready made wet starter, but you can use any starter that is at 100% hydration (equal parts water to flour). I now have two HUGE fluffy loaves! The same exact thing happened to me. It's a great recipe to experiment with. Thanks for the recipe! Add to cart. The flavor is good though so I will try again! I'm kinda frustrated with it. Thank you so much for posting this recipe! What do you think? I've used another bread recipe that states there may be a problem with it being done in the middle . Then I divided the dough in half and put into my two greased loaf pans and pushed it down so that when cooked it would form to the pan. . I'll have to give it try again. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I ended up "kneading" for about 15 minutes (I say it like that because the dough was so tough I could hardly knead at all). My only issue was the cooking time. Maybe I killed the yeast? I would leave it in a warm area for a while and see if it rises. I really hope to make this recipe work since it is so simple! Yes, we are! I know you are grain free now so I wasn't sure you were tackling that anymore. 5. The bread is dense. So good - my husband LOVED it! I hope to post a soaked bread recipe soon! Thank you so very much! :). Have you tried this is a bread machine? It will work, but you will need to cut back on the salt just a bit in the recipe. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes until it is "foamy" - the yeast kind of starts fizzing up from the bottom. • 2 cups plus 4 tbsp (10 ounces) bread flour • ½ tsp fine sea salt • ½ tsp instant yeast • 6 ¾ ounces tepid water • As needed: a small amount of olive oil or other non-GMO oil There is nothing light or elastic about my dough. Any ideas? My bread is currently rising, but I definitely did something wrong. While you can certainly buy “healthy” bread at the store, there is something about making it yourself and seeing the ingredients go in that is very satisfying. I'll make the edit. 4. We bake the bread at home from whole wheat spelt flour, and add sesame and pumpkin seeds. It was so dry, I couldn't get it all into the dough. - Proceed with adding flour and letting it sit/rise for 30 mins. I like to wrap my bread in a large piece of parchment paper and then put it in an airtight container. My wife and I decided that we were going to start eating healthier, Non-GMO, and mostly if not all organic. The second after kneading and rolling; nothing. And thanks for making me hungry . Colleen, I agree...who needs dinner when you have fresh bread?! Secondly, you could check the date on your yeast. I haven't tested it, so I can't say for sure. I was fearful that it would come out very heavy so I added the vital wheat gluten and baked it in bread pans (added 10 minutes to the cooking time). I probably ended up adding half a cup. I halved your recipe and bake in my bread machine. Something's wrong - either with the temp of the water or the yeast itself. It never did reach that elastic texture it was supposed to, but I still ended up baking it. Please explain how you knead and roll the dough. And this is how you make the bread: 1. Thanks for your help! Sarah, did you try this in the loaf pan? 2 1/2 cups self-rising flour I didn't want it to go to waste so I just stuck it in the oven and hoped for the best. It was a little heavier than I would like, but so yummy! If you do, let me know how it turns out! Thanks from the novice ;). Where to buy: $99.96 (Originally $414), Sur La Table. Thanks Beth, might have to give that one a shot! Nicole, I had the same exact problem. I did make a few changes. What Is Polysorbate 80 And Why Should You Avoid It? I'm not sure what flour you are using, but that could also be a factor. If you're not getting any rise, then I would try a different yeast. The recipe says to knead the dough for one minute, but the video you linked too says to knead for 10 minutes so I was just wondering if you really meant one minute? I've found that the nutrient-rich bread … Wait for oven to reach temperature. Why is this dough only kneaded for one minute? I’ll be making my own bread using this recipe from Deliciously Organic. I wouldn't worry about lumps in the first step. As I mentioned above, I use our KitchenAid mixer and a dough hook to mix the... 3. Gluten Free Bread For The Oven That's Soft? on the top. I'll be making this was pretty easy. Organic, Grain Free, Gluten Free, Paleo Recipes and Thyroid Health. And I let it rise an extra 10 minutes the second time. If it still fails to bubble, you've most likely got dead yeast. Hopefully it'll turn out better next time. Whole Grains are an important part of a healthy diet, and the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends 48 grams of whole grains a day. I've found that Bob's Red Mill whole wheat flour yields a very dense bread/cake/muffin. I would love to make your recipe in my bread machine. Still, though, I will never understand the seemingly common aversion to kneading bread. I tried this today and cannot get the middle done its been baking for over an hour and the outside is getting hard but inside is still doughy. I'm so glad you all enjoyed it! Preheat oven to 350-400F for 20 minutes. Receive my "Top 50 Tips to Help Heal Your Thyroid" when you subscribe! - 100 Days of Real Food" aria-label='Reply to this comment, God Foods Challenge Sign Up | Back To The Book Nutrition, to God Foods Challenge Sign Up | Back To The Book Nutrition" aria-label='Reply to this comment, Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Bread | Back To The Book Nutrition, to Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Bread | Back To The Book Nutrition" aria-label='Reply to this comment, 5 Ingredient Whole Wheat Breat | {the}PerfectSprinkle, to 5 Ingredient Whole Wheat Breat | {the}PerfectSprinkle" aria-label='Reply to this comment, to No Processed Food Plan Update » JulieDeNeen" aria-label='Reply to this comment, What’s in your bread? Not sure why it didn't work for me adding the 4 cups. I've found that Bob's Red Mill lends a very crumbly and coarse baked bread so that's why I was asking. I’ve been waiting for this post. I would try adding a bit more water next time. I just hope I'll be a little more successful next time. Pour some melted butter on top and bake for 10 mins more. Teehee, so happy :). Roll first half to a 12x9-inch (approximate) rectangle and then roll it up to form a loaf. Slowly mix the flour into this mixture. If it doesn't, I could cut it in half, bake it and then use it for bread crumbs or croutons. I see on the post above the yeast is supposed to sit in the warm water, milk and honey mixture...I do not see milk in the recipe and it says to add 3 cups of flour to that mixture in the recipe. Before this recipe, I had never made bread before, it was so easy. Take your broiler pan out of your broiler, add 1 1/2 cups of water to it, and put it in your oven (not your broiler) on the bottom shelf. <3. Join […], […] bread for the first time ever. Thanks, Hmm...My first thought is to check and make sure your oven is calibrated correctly. And if your bread lasts for longer than 4 days… you’re not eating enough bread. I went a little heavy on the honey, and we loved […], […] want a more guided (and very similar) recipe for without a bread maker you can also check this out . Hmmm....Here are a few ideas: I would check and make sure your yeast isn't "dead" or expired. The mixture will look a bit runny. how sweet is the bread? I wondered if you have developed a recipe where you soak the flour. Slowly mix the flour into this mixture. Its not the yeast, im pretty sure its the technique. I used the dry active yeast. I made this bread and it did not rise at all the second time I let it sit? I have now made three batches, and every loaf has been delicious. Wonderful bedtime snack!!
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