-Some people may take longer to realize/accept that some experiences in life leave a few scars and perhaps also some limitations... -It could be worst! Jacinta Ardern could give lessons to world leaders on how to do the job. The doctor did say I will need physical therapy once my cast is off. As I previous said it`s overwhelming to realize how many people are going through a broken wrist... at the same time is very rewarding to know that this article and my experiences have somehow helped so many people around the world. ER Doctor, put me to sleep to set bones and applied a heavy cast. We decided to head back up the hill. Get this set up as soon and as far in advance as you can. Been 6 months of Physio now. -I am sending blessings and happiness your way and know your healing process is apart of learning more about yourself. knowing that the way I feel depends on how I treat myself. It's two months today since my injury and the wrist is very stiff and feels 'thick'. I have no pain, only a little stiffness but that continues to improve every day. I was getting out of a taxi when the driver drove off with me half in the car! My thumb lost some rotation and my wrist rotation in both directions has come a long way but still has a way to go. Yesterday I went to the hospital and the doctor took my cast off but when I came home, after I couldn't turn my hand at all but also the doctor gave me another appointment next but please I would love to know why can't I turn my hand.. Hello and thank you so much for this information! Able to read, write, and ride my bike almost like I could before the accident. Your experience may differ significantly. If you're reading this article, you probably want to know how long it takes for a broken wrist to heal. I broke my left wrist (radius, displaced), 4 weeks ago. In my case I can only do fist push-ups because of my right wrist but I still prefer to do pull-ups grabbing something like a metal bar, depending on the setup you can do push-ups (if the bar is closer to the ground) or pull-ups (higher bar). In the last appointment before the surgery, I even suggested to my doctor that he completely secure my wrist like he’d done with my right one, but he told me there was a chance of improvement with the left one. It could have been a lot worse though, so I’m grateful I didn’t break my neck or back. Well, I got my cast off about 12 days ago, it was exactly 7 weeks and 2 days from the injury date. He was a 85 - 90 lb dog. your experience is a brilliant answer session to most frequently asked questions pertaining to wrist fracture. The plaster cast came off after 2 weeks and i had a removable splint instead, to facilitate physical therapy and massage. You poor thing! The pain exhaust me. Then it goes some days, some weeks maybe if I'm lucky, and it's back. I had the bones re-aligned under local aesthetic, and two days later I went back for an operation to pin and plate the bones under general aesthetic. I have a supportive friend who is not at all bothered by such things and she photographed them for me, something I’m glad I have a document of now. I was flabbergasted at how much movement was lost, how weak my hand had become - and how much it hurts to push the movements necessary to recover function. I see ortho specialist tomorrow for redress and next steps. Different fractures may be treated in many different ways. I broke my right wrist on May 17. Pushups... only after 1,5 to 2 years I was able to do it but with my fists, it took time for me to regain my muscles. My hands were hanging at odd angles off my body. Due to morphine, I have no memory of pain during the first week. I feel nervous, uncertain, I wonder is the pain of moving going to go away? I couldn’t feed myself, dress myself, open a door, brush my teeth, or perform countless other activities that we take for granted. I'm in the shorter cast now and it's due to be taken off in a week or so but I've been getting really sharp pains the last few days. I never had any issue with my scars and they soon became part of me, they blended in fine. I thought something is really going sour and felt really down. Though I'm in the physical therapy stage. I am 5 weeks post fracture of my dominant wrist. An impacted fracture is when the ends of bones are driven into one another. Like you, I had a internal fixation device and on December 9th, I had my cast removed. I drive, clean, hold heavy bags, vacuum, cut with knight,mop,rinse and squeeze clothes ect..... my doctor is very surprised with me. I have many friends who have volunteered to help but with covid i don’t know who to let inmy bubble I miss my dog. Hi Paul, I wish everyone well on the site too. Once again I`m sorry for not replying every comment here, specially to Ona66 who I thank for keeping us informed on your wonderful recovery (I read all the comments but I fail to reply to everyone). Those first weeks are critical for assistance and support. Does anyone have an experience with these herbs? I get my cast off on Tuesday. Here's what will happen as you go through the process:6, Though only time will let your bone heal fully, there are some things you can do to help ease the pain and decrease healing time.1, 6. I had a major event I was meant to lead the day after my surgery. At the end of the two weeks I had to have it operated on with an external fixated with 11 pins. The bone healing was the least of my problems. As the PT started moving my wrists, I immediately broke down into tears. Thank you for this. -The stiffness it’s mainly due to long immobilization period and it will diminish with continuous exercises. Maybe a year maybe two seems a much more realistic goal. I broke my right wrist about a little more than a year ago. For parents this is a needed tool. Should I use an ice or heat pack before or after the push-ups? So when should I be worried if it doesn't improve? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive new posts by email. It also helps to eat things that are firm enough to spear with a fork. As you note, we as human beings enjoy helping those in need. Reading your story gave me breathing space not to be so hard on myself. Best of luck everyone! Yes, sometimes it hurts but she stretches things first -- the ortho doc just wrenches things. Did your doctor said you`ll have to go through any more surgery? Cheers, Debbie. I have a distal radius fracture and the tip of my ulna broke as well (on x-mas eve). I elected to not have b/c I figured I would be out of commission too long. It does take quite a while for the area around the broken bones to feel completely back to normal. Insurance refused to pay for pain med. It’s what I love. My pinky is still bent and lost a lot of its function. I’m so sorry, Lynn. I'm struggling and its been six weeks. Hi. What I would suggest is letting your friends help without having them enter your bubble. You will have to work hard in order to regain all of the use of your hand and wrist, but don't give up! The pain I can generate doing exercises is worse than I had while splinted and awaiting surgery. Take care. For instance, grocery shopping, doing laundry, opening jars, pre-cutting vegetables for you to freeze, etc. Double whammy. It is common for people who have wrist breaks to develop frozen shoulder caused simply by not moving the shoulder for as little as a couple of weeks. Long after I looked “fine” on the outside and could perform all major tasks again, I still had pain and felt emotionally pretty lousy. You had the hardware removed without anesthesia!!! I feel better that you are on the way to recovery. What 2 Broken Wrists Have Taught Me. You seem like a very determined person and already showing signs of great healing expectations. In either case, we must adapt and teach ourselves to go about our lives using our non-dominant hand. Your email address will not be published. I was already in shock so I didn't have it in me to even make eye contact with him let alone try to fight him off. Everyone gets treated, and their salary and rehabilitation are covered until they’re able to return to work. I’ve offered to give her husband breaks away but any suggestions would be welcome. I'm 45 years old and 8 months into a distal radius fracture of my right hand. Eventually the day came for my first session of physical therapy. Best of luck to you, dear one! The first day after surgery I was quite out of it, and my pain was generally worse than the the first week. Thanks so much for your story! I have been taking calcium supplements and comfry to help my bones heal. One week later, I went to hospital again. You’re right that New Zealand and Ireland look quite similar, very lush and green and surrounded by the sea. I try and stretch them every morning and they often make cracking sounds. The operation team decided to add two titanium plates to my wrist and put it back into its natural position. He deployed one of his men to the road to wait for the ambulance, and he waited at the front entrance, while the third man stayed with Stefanie and me. Then we both started going to church and our relationship was completely transformed because he was completely transformed,” Antoinette beamed. Called 911 and my husband and I was medivaked to the closest trauma center and had emergency surgery I got 3pins in my ulnar styli and 5th meticarpal. He was young and began to tell a story about the time he’d been injured, but I stopped him. I don't think that we can fear life, I think we just have to engage at our own rate and pace. Most patients do return to all of their former activities, but what happens in your case depends on the nature of your injury, the kind of treatment you and your doctors decide on, and how your body responds to the treatment. If so does anyone have any ideas of how to deal with it I get really scared and then my legs get weak with fear, so any helpful suggestions to deal with fear would be wonderful. 1. I just want to wrap it up/splint it. I'm not normally fearful I horse ride and cycle. Thank you. A doctor will give you painkillers and then fix a splint to the arm to secure it in position and prevent further damage. It seems to get worse when cold and after activities like driving long distances or writing on the computer for a long time. Thank you again for your story it gives me hope !!! It’s hard on them as well. There are too many things to even start counting. I’m still smiling! Eventually my doctor orders splints to to help in stretching both of my hands at home in addition to therapy. I do the exercises Doctor recommended but my arm hurts continually a dull but annoying pain. The orthopedic doctor should have warned me about this and didn't recognize it had happened. But for now it's getting those tendons to work that's a challenge. Personally, I would not subject myself to an unnecessary surgery. I was able to meet with a surgeon the next day. I am 77 with osteoporosis. My Dr was amazing.. It does go away when I stop. Unfortunately this didn't happen due to bad advice from a doctor. I leaned forward onto my knees, and with hands under each arm, I was able to get my feet under me and sit down in the chair. Took my cast off at the beginning of August. It does get better. I have a wheat bag that is brilliant, heat up in the microwave & it stays warm for 30 mins. I was taken to the local hospital (Kingston in Surrey UK) and they did a temporary job of immobilizing it until 5 days later when I had an op. I had a closed reduction with percutaneous pinning. It just feels like it won't move, not pain. He recommended I elevate my wrists as much as possible, and keep my fingers moving, but of course avoid any other activity that would effect my wrists. I tried to limit the pain meds they gave me so that I could still be alert enough to know what was going on. She went looking and eventually came back with a piece of fabric, a safety pin, and a gym towel from the lost and found basket. Is it expensive for New Zealand-style healthcare? But the Ortho suggested K-wire to be on safer side. Thanks. p.s. Once I got past the worst of it, what helped me was bean bag heat wraps before I stretched. Ouch! My wrist took most of the damage. It has been 9weeks and my whole hand is stiff and I cannot write or lift anything but very light things. This by itself made a big difference and I could finally grab my bicycle's handlebars. Plates and screws.  By doing so, new bone can grow back cleanly between the broken edges and better ensure that mobility and bone integrity are restored. I do my routine exercises. I live in France, breed horses & was just finished a poultice on a horses hoof when I lost balance & fell awkwardly. It is now just over two and a half months since I broke my distal radius in my dominant hand, does anyone else get these fears of walking and falling and hurting their fracture again? A detailed and apt guide for people on wrist fracture surgeries and its healing process. I just got the news. On the flip side, life can and will go on without me. My first deadline is for a month after the cast comes off - do you think it will be possible? Deborah Munro is the author of APEX, a contemporary world sci-fi thriller set in rural Oregon. It was only after returning to Portugal (and having the morphine stopped) that the pain showed up, and what a show it was :/. Im just wondering if anyone has any idea how long I can expect to be out of work after the cast is removed? Stay active. You should expect (depending on the severity of your injury), a huge reduction in mobility and a lot of stiffness. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. I am so glad you had some wonderful people around you to help. I really don't know what to expect. I was feeling alone and isolated after the joy of the holidays and having my daughters with me, but the truth is I’m surrounded by people who genuinely care about me and want me to be a part of their lives, even if that can only be online. I've done all but the calorie thing, can't risk putting on weight. I've been going to physical therapy twice a week and do exercises many hours each day. I decided not to take the oxycontin they prescribed, recognizing its addictive effects can kick in quite quickly, and managed my pain through acetaminofin, ibuprofen, and some marijuana. My hands turned purple and swelled up. How long to be able to use a pen or comb your hair? You should be provided with painkillers to take home and information on how to look after your cast, and you’ll probably make an appointment to attend a fracture clinic so specialist orthopaedic doctors can take over the care of your fracture. She fell off a chair in the kitchen! I also cut out all OTC pain relievers as I was told it could actually slow down the healing process. At one point the physicians were joking with one another about the process, as if I wasn’t there, and I ask them politely not to do so. However, this is rarely needed for children (guess I’m not a kid anymore!). Went to two more Orthos got all conflicting advice. Simple activities? I hope this helped you as you're recovering from a broken wrist. I asked Stefanie to get me a sling, thinking we could get a ride from campus security over to the health center. Broken wrists are common in people who play contact sports, as well as skiers, inline skaters, and bikers. With more severe arm or wrist fractures, the bones can become misaligned (displaced). That really helped me. With love, Mara. I explained this to the surgeon but he did not recommend therapy. Thanks. While looking for info on wrist fractures I came across your site. (She was distracted and she hit me going 60 mph or 95 kmp) anyways I appreciate any advice!! If an ambulance is unavailable, it may be necessary to splint the broken wrist. They were so emaciated and misshapen and black and blue, as well as covered with iodine stains from the surgery. Make sure you keep your cast or splint dry. How does the scar look after? Most patients have their cast taken off within six to eight weeks. I got an hairline fracture on distal radius, witch went almost all trough the bone. I was home alone so I had to call an ambulance, the pain was bad but by the time I got to hospital it was agony. I missed it), but the dang thing still hurts!! Loving the ability to, Gorgeous day for kiteboarding. The worst is over, and I’m now on the mend. In October 2009, I went through that surgery, which I hoped to be my last, and my surgeon believed that my left wrist would be able to regain its mobility after correcting its position. Being a nutritionist myself, I would recommend that anyone going through any healing process should reinforce antioxidants intake... if you need any other advise on this subject please feel free to email me (rnfunride at gmail dot com). To eat on your own, I found the key is to have things precut. I’m an artist working in painting and performance, so my hands are my tools, something I told them and would also remind my surgeons multiple times in preparation for the surgery. I will probably switch orthos soon, I should not be afraid to see him or tell him what is going on. My occupational therapist recommended it. I used products like arnica gel to help with the bruising and some of the pain, as well as a diaper rash cream that helped with all the sweating I was doing (it was summer). Ask your doctor for specifics in your case. It was a warm week and the ice was very soothing, even if it didn’t exactly come through my splints. For the first few days it was just like everything else... no significant pain or soreness. I decided to write about what happened to me, in order to help other people in my situation. I try to still do some hand and shoulder exercises every day and my fingers are only stiff first thing in the morning. hi i broke distal radius bone on both wrist, after 1 week I had to get plate and screws fitted so it has a heavy splint and bandaged up , the other one has a cast, its 3 weeks since accident , ( falling over dog lol) , is it usual to still be painful ,will they replace them with lighter cast as i cant do much for myself. I tried to put my hand on the table and let my wrist hang a little , but withou any result. I made more progress and we took a much needed vacation! The bone itself has healed and very rarely bothers me but I have constant pain on the ulnar side that intensifies with movement. I still don’t know where I found the strength to search for my friends and get their help. i try to move my arm and fingers but moving my wrist is very painfull and can not move it much , am worryed on how long it will be before my arm is back to like it was before i broke it. I had a further op two and a half weeks later as the plate they put it was in the wrong place. Despite this “good fortune,” the breaks were quite bad (my left wrist was nearly shattered) I was not prepared to have both arms incapacitated for months. The radius forms the major joint surface of the wrist. I have found reading everyone's stories very interesting, many of us seem to have similar experiences. Ended up being a compound distal radius fracture with deformity, the bone looked like a pyramid. An external fixator is a device used to stabilize fractures from the outside of the skin. I ran away from him at this time she had him by his choke coller and had some what control of him. I'm dreading sleeping tonight. I am so glad you are recovering. You’re a good friend to be able to help with things. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. I have numbness in index and thumb on left hand. It is miserable and I hope every one heals nicely! You'll likely get regular X-rays to make sure your wrist is healing normally. Quick question, so 5 months ago I fractured the radius of my forearm and I had to undergo surgery which in fact now I have a small plate there now and my surgeon recommended me not to start weight lifting yet until my sixth month of therapy. I have no pain at all. My arm somehow still feels weird and shaky and at times even looks crooked is all this normal? The outpouring of love and support I’ve received through social media, especially my Twitter tribe, has been so heartwarming. We told them that both of my wrists hurt but they only x-rayed one because they thought I was using the other fine. Im going to start doing home exercises. Finally got surgery at 10 weeks which actually should have happened immediately after my fall. If you’ve suffered an injury to your arm or wrist that has lasting pain, you should go to a doctor to have X-rays taken. INFORMATION REGARDING WRIST FRACTURE REDUCTION AND FIXATION. :))). The place I got him from swore oh he's a good boy he's good with kids and people. For another ten days, she cooked for me, prepared my breakfast and lunch before she left for work, brushed my hair and then braided it, and assisted with anything I needed, anytime. They shake and it hurts to move them too much but I exercise them everyday. New Zealand truly is a great country. For another ten days, she cooked for me, prepared my breakfast and lunch before she left for work, brushed my hair and then braided it, and assisted with anything I needed, anytime. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency. I'm still trying to work with the horses/around the farm but without my cast it feels really vulnerable. I think I was turning green along with you for a while there! I finally got on skates for the first time last week, nothing too difficult, just trying to keep my legs strong and I continue to work out about 90 mins a day, but obviously not very aggressive stuff like before my injury. A sling will help stabilise the arm while you're on the way to the hospital. If needed please get surgery done even now. When a fracture of any sort occurs there will be a heavy amount of bleeding from the fracture fragments. Unfortunately it wasn’t as exciting as a bike crash, and no, I didn't try to kill myself (in case you were wondering). The doctors had ordered an MRI, through which they realized that my left wrist was far worse then they expected. I get an bandage to use until it's good again, and that's it. Perhaps I could have shaved off another week or so, if I stayed out of the rink and the gym, but who knows. Thanks. And yet, for some Americans, something like your injuries could be the end of the road. You are scheduled for Wrist Fracture Reduction and Fixation. Fractures of the wrist usually refer to injuries of the end of the radius bone and/or the ulna. Merry Christmas from New Zealand! When will you get back to doing the things that you love (like playing piano)? I broke my wrist 10 weeks ago and had a plate and pins put in 2 weeks later . I was looking for ideas on eating with both arms in a cast and not having to ask for help. Finally, I’ve learned I’m more loved and less important than I think. Thank you. Common Symptoms of Wrist Injuries. You don’t want to be swelling up even more from the heat. I have taken painkillers, elevated it and applied ice but hasn't made a lot of difference. I hope. A sling may also be provided for comfort. I am 70; I do wonder how my age may affect healing the bones. are now at 4 mos. Dr. ordered so he gave a prescription for Tramadol, worthless as far as the pain, only caused severe constipation. It`s sad to realize so many people injure their wrists... I`m glad I wrote this page, it helped me then and now it seems to be helpful for so many. People at particularly high risk for broken wrists include athletes who play high-impact sports and people with osteoporosis (thin, fragile bones). Your comment show us how strong you are. My physio was more helpful, sympathetic, told me to do hot & cold soaks (as its still very swollen), try to move my fingers, use my sling & put a support bandage on it. Before splinting, check the following three things: Check circulation by comparing the color and temperature of the injured wrist against the uninjured wrist. Do you think the daily push-ups are bad for me? Hairline fractures are minor cracks to the bone and only show up on an X-ray. (I know I could do fist push-ups, but I'd really like to use them to also strengthen my wrist). I will have CHRONIC PAIN for the rest of my 41year young life. When I awoke Post opperatively the Surgeon told me that I had to remain Infection Free for 6 months at which point she would need to COMPLETELY FUSE my Left wrist! I was very fortunate to have been sent to an orthopaedic who only treats hands. My most concerning symptom actually, but am told 99 percent of feeling returns! Everyone wants to know when and if they can return to their former activities after suffering from a broken wrist. I got my surgery done at 10 weeks. It was less painful near the beginning! Will this ever get better? They also become common as people get older, when we are more likely to fall or suffer from osteoporosis, which increases the likelihood of breaking a bone. It will be worth it. Once I was released, I moved in with my colleague Susan, who took to my house first to gather some clothes and cleaned out the refrigerator, washed the dishes, dumped the trash, and helped me open the door to get out of the bathroom when I couldn’t turn the knob. My friend wasn't very injured so she carried ,y bike while I pushed hers. I was so excited not to have my elbows constricted (my post-surgery casts let my elbows free) that I began to move my elbows as much as possible. If you or a loved one suffer a wrist injury and are experiencing pain, check for some of the following symptoms to determine whether the wrist is sprained or broken. I guess I did not really comprehend the severity of the injury or the surgery. The waiting time was due to the complexity of organizing surgery on two arms at once. I had such a Massive infection in my wrist. My name is Ricardo, and I am from Portugal. They planned to plate it the next morning but during the night it moved, blocked my circulation & they had to do a quick general anesthetic, closed reduction & plaster. I am telling myself that i am having a 5 week holiday on the couch?? We cut up a bunch of old socks to wear under the braces. Four years after the accident, I can work, write, ride my bike, and do normal, everyday tasks. Just a quick question, I was reading about some herbal supplements to take to speed healing. The good news is that the stiffness is usually minor and may not affect the overall function of the arm. The Dr did say I didn't have to worry about causing more damage as I try to wrench my wrist up down and sideways.... [ It was hard to believe]. -I have learned a lot since my accident but one of the most important was to know how much it means to have friends and people who cares about us during the rough moments. I hope it will improve over time. My injured arm lost some muscle. Take care! Ricardo Nunes (author) from Portugal on November 08, 2016: Hi everybody! above my elbows. Need all the heeling advice I can get thanks. went to 14 physio therapy sessions and I can say that I am feeling great. . After me complaining multiple times my mom decided to go get x-rays the next day. Keep those wrists elevated and keep this fingers moving! I tied his leash to the fence and told her 123 get out of his reach. Since it was a workers comp issue I could not get into the orthopedist until the following week. he's still in the hospital but will be coming home this week. Most importantly, don’t get it wet. I’ll be driving, traveling, and using my arms to do things again, but I’ve learned a lot from breaking both my wrists, and what I feel right now is gratitude. One long-term effect is that I have slightly less sensitivity in terms of fine motor skills. To reiterate, I had a complete break and a fracture. I was a bit of a curiosity as it’s very unusual for someone to break both wrists at once. I had the Fusion surgery Sept 11th 2004 and that caused me to develop Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) aka Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Is this normal? He told me my accident was quite serious and confirmed that I would need surgery in both wrists. Have pins, plate and screws, no cast, removable splint. Seal-Tight Adult Freedom Cast Protector Waterproof Cast Cover Arm, Hand, & Wrist Cast and Bandage Cover - Guaranteed Protection - Made in USA - FSA/HSA Eligible 4.3 out of 5 stars 5,997 $15.84 $ 15 . I think that after this kind of injury most people are afraid and avoiding any movement, I believe it`s just a natural respond. It looked thick, like I’d dislocated something, and I closed my eyes. They didn’t have one, he explained and I stared at him. I can only talk about arm and fingers results because my wrists were not expected to have mobility anymore. After all they did help me when I needed. Eventually it was only in my hands. Of course that different people get different feelings/pains but it`s all needed for the body to heal from an injury. Initially it was pretty devastating. Update on my wrist. Grewal, Preeti RN, MN, APN and William Cole MBBS, MSc, PhD, FRACS, FRCSC. However, I also had to keep a very careful eye on my movement. Jo, how long can I expect to have severe pain I have broken my wrist & have k wires instead of a plate due to the fact I have had ancillary node clearance due to breast cancer it is 4 weeks since I fell & I am still in a lot of severe pain I am on endone & panadol as directed by dr but this is only taking the edge off it I don't want to have to keep taking these strong painkillers but I am not coping with the pain I had my cast renewed last week as I had severe swelling that is all ok now we live about 4 hrs from drs I don't know if I need to contact the dr again or not as all they did about it last week was write another script for more endone if anybody has any suggestions to help ease the pain I would be most grateful I have used ice packs heat packs & elevation Regards H. I started phisio 2 weeks ago. Running backwards to get under the ball, I lost my footing and fell, putting my arms behind me to break my fall. ( Your left wrist X-ray looks very similar to mine. Life is harder because my hand can't do anything. If I had landed in any other way when I fell, I probably would have broken my neck. i have casts 3in. I also have a hard time opening certain packaging (couldn’t they make these things a little easier!) Stitches were removed and I felt like Sally from the Nightmar Before Christmas. In most cases it takes around 6 to 8 weeks to recover from a broken arm or wrist. Should have been advised to have surgery due to the severity of the break. Hi Peggy, Orthopedic Dr. suggested surgery with plates and screws, this was done Jan. 24th. He did surgery on both the next day. Expect at least that long again. I didn’t see this request until now. That might help in getting further ROM. But just yesterday my wrist started aching more than it has in over 6 months. I started to finally see lessening of stiffness and function of my fingers about five months after my fall, when I started doing massage and breathing exercises to reduce swelling. I fell from the closed door on the second floor balcony. Having done a lot of research I settled on a Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium supplement plus seperate ones for D3, K2, Triple Boron & Omega 3 & a protein powder (double chocolate :-) ) to get an extra 23g of protein per day. i fractured my wrist 9 weeks ago... i can know move my wrist as per normal but i still have a little bit of pain in m wrist can you please explain y? I have a home care provider that comes in three times a week to help me clean house, grocery shop, and prep meals. When the woman from the gym came in to check on me, I quietly demanded some sugar. I broke both my wrists a few years ago. Chocolate raspberry ganach, If you want to know more about my twisted sense of, Decaf iced Americano with a shot of vanilla kind o, On every walk, there's that one thing you see that, 2020 was a difficult year for most of us, but it a, We're having oliebollen for our New Year's celebra. Ricardo Nunes (author) from Portugal on April 10, 2020: Hi Sarah, thanks for sharing your experience with us. The other thing I have learned is I love socialized medicine and how the ACC works here in New Zealand. We were at the bottom of the hill so we have picked up lots of speed. Being incapacitated effected my physical and emotional confidence and I had to take care to build it back. The doctor is not sending to me occupational therapy either but gave me some exercises to do at home if needed. Thank you for post. I hope your recovery is rapid. Its really nice to have found this and to share experiences with others. So thanks again. After I fell, I had to get up all by myself and go upstairs to go back to the second floor where my friends were. Please anyone can tell me is this normal?? I am one year out from the incident and I have full motion, hardly even think about it, and am not really restricted in any way. It was out of his jurisdiction if there was a potential head injury, even though I knew I didn’t have a concussion. Seventy-five percent of wrist injuries are fractures of the distal radius and ulna. If you’re injured in NZ, there is no cost to you—nothing. I had surgery to implant a titanium plate with seven screws the next day. I hope you find this useful. APEX, a Sci-Fi Thriller Set in Rural Oregon, February 18, 2019 By Deborah Munro 19 Comments. Hi Deborah.just read your story about yr broken wrists.I’m glad that your on the mend.My wife Marion broke her wrists two days ago and is going to be dependant on other people to do things for her.she is very independent and its the personal things that will effect her.I got great heart from yr story that people rallied round you.we have had lots of offers from family and friends to help out.our health system is nowhere a good as new Zealand even though the nurses and doctors do excellent work they are totally short staffed.because of these working conditions and been underpaid they are leaving ireland to give there expertise to other countries.Marion will be out of hospital tomorrow and for six weeks at least she will be in plaster.as you know well.maybe someday we will visit new zealand.as I believe it is similar to Ireland very green and friendly people.cheers for now Paul. I ended up having 5 major lacerations to my left arm 3 mos after the fact I go in in 2 days to get my pins remove and plates put in also bone graft. Keep us posted on your recovery, take care. Other than tearing my ACL, I have never had a major injury and I really didn't know what I was in for. Feeling lonely and bored after the holidays, I jumped at the chance to play volleyball with some work colleagues during lunch. D. Hello everyone, I wanted to give a quick update on my broken wrist. Even though I was much better, I still needed at least one more operation to have my left wrist put back in place. Ricardo Nunes (author) from Portugal on January 08, 2017: Hi James, thanks for your comment. One needs to keep lots of patience and will power. Stopped taking and started taking Tylenol. My friend ahead of me slows down and I slam on my breaks and fall asleep right over my handle bars with my bike on top of me. Ricardo Nunes (author) from Portugal on January 06, 2017: Thank you all for commenting and sharing your experience and questions (sorry for my late replies). Simply knowing that the reactions are typical is a support - and that this is going to take time. And I`m pretty sure you`ll become even better after going thru this healing process. One of my favorite places! I need some prayers and have to work. Bone grafting was avoided with great difficulty. When they removed the stitches I was put in removable cast. Again thank you for sharing!! In some ways, my wrists were the parachute that softened the fall, though at a fairly big cost! After most surgeries, a plaster cast is applied to protect the wrist. Thanks! New Zealand was the first to give women the vote, and has always managed to be a few years more socially progressive than most other nations. with two broken arms how can I wipe my butt? I had constant fears of falling and could easily get distracted by these thoughts. Ask your doctor about stretching or strengthening exercises for your hands. 2 months daily and 3 months thrice a week. What really helped me (things I wouldn’t want a caregiver or spouse to provide), were help fixing and styling my hair, preparing meals and then cutting it up into bites in advance so I could eat it without assistance, and taking me out on the town to participate in things so I stopped feeling sorry for myself. I thought well, 2 months in a cast and I'm good to go. My breaks occurred during a freak accident at my gym. Oh by the way I just turned 70. knowing that the way I feel depends on how I treat myself. Ricardo don't know about your work life but you really MUST write a book and do motivational talks. Cheers, Debbie, Hello Debbie I had surgery the nest day with a plate and 12 screws put in. One thing I have been doing to help heal quicker is take a lot of extra vitamins/minerals for bones. Thank you for your post, the information is helpful. Take care! My doctor gave me a cast that I could remove if it gets hot and I need to wipe my arm down which is great considering we're going into the summer. My colleagues jogged over, laughing and asking if I was okay, even offering me a hand up. I was RUSHED into the Or and subsequent Underwent 6 operations within a 13 day period. It's summer here, https://deborahmunroauthor.com/blog/ Cricket game in New Zealand. Good luck, and keep moving your hand as much as you can, because I did it a lot in the beginning. I fell off a ladder on December 13 and had a distal radius fracture, I just knew I had broken my arm because somehow the pain was inside my skeleton. Is it normal to be scared to move it? My doctor released me so I will not be getting additional xrays unless I feel that I'm getting worse or not getting better after the upcoming weeks. The team tried to use propophyl to sedate me, but I am a tall, muscular guy and this didn’t seem to be strong enough. Two weeks ago while volunteering at a charity event, I fell from a ladder which resulted in a comminuted fracture of the left distal radius and, as a bonus, a fractured vertebrae. This process can be very painful to do so while you're awake. The pain has been hard for me.. as I am a very busy person usually and like to live that way. Also the tip of my thumb is numb and I'm having pain above my elbow. Is it working? Unfortunately for me, it's definitely not my first broken bone and will more than likely not be my last so again, it's nice to be armed with all this useful data. It also allowed me to watch the entire process without any pain. Then a cast was put on and I continued with my holiday for 5 days. I asked when I could start lifting weights and I was told to wait a solid month, so I still have 2 weeks and 2 days to go for that. Developed mild crps which lead to unimaginable fingers stiffness which has not yet completely gone. Stitches out Feb. 3rd. A young child who broke his or her wrist may need to wear a cast or removable splint for just two to three weeks. I'm an athlete and the break was a result of jumping in figure skating. Is this to be any concern? Don’t rush as you move around. What can I say!? Again cast for 2 weeks. Whishing you all fast and complete recovery! It’s ok to not feel great about what happened to you. I also cut as many sugars and carbs back as possible and loaded up on the protein without overdoing it that much. Literally hundreds of people I’ve never met have wished me well, sent me virtual hugs, and checked back in to see how I’m doing. i should have had an operation, but decided not to. Since then working on getting more range of motion - upward/downward and sideways. I'm hoping I can work to improve that one I get the shot. Only to find out later that he was on the euthanasia list. Local or regional anesthetic will be used to numb the arm (this is rarely used in children), or you will be put to sleep using a general anaesthetic. I wrote couple months ago( unfortunately no one replied), but really no hard feelings. Had a splint fir 3 weeks got a cast on and removed it yesterday because it was too tight. After 6 weeks in a cast I was moved to a splint and then went through a month or two of PT. In the shower I got help from my wife and used those plastic arm length gloves that they use with cows to keep my casts dry--you can get them at the tractor supply store. Well 4 weeks & out of my cast would suggest yes, just wish the pain was less. I had an external fixation device for about seven weeks, then removable splints and about six months of physical/occupational therapy for my hand. Organize a team to help you with basic tasks during the first four-six weeks. I’ve recovered about 90% of the flexibility I had before the accident. . -One can (and should) learn a lot during such difficult times, so I believe that even though my wrists will never be the same I will be a better person after going thru all this. If you or someone in your care has broken their wrist, here are some guidelines to follow:6, A broken arm or wrist treatment differs depending on how bad the injury is. It is getting better but don’t have any strength in it and still in pain. They sent me home in two partial casts/ace wraps from elbow to fingers, making my elbows mostly immobile. If you notice anything unusual about your wrist — strange sensations, odd hand color, signs of infection, problems with your cast, numbness in your fingers, or severe or continuous pain, you should speak with your doctor. Love your advice/suggestions on things she might need. No one can tell you how long your pains will last... it`s up to you to find ways to mitigate pains (both physical and psychological). We have been on several short trips and have not caught up on my emails.I’m glad to hear about the health care in New Zealand and wished we had some of the same here in U.S.A. Take care dear friend. Life continues to prove I ’ ve offered to give a quick,... Fracture reduction and internal fixation device and on December 30, 2016: thank you so much for recovery. Aligned can be an unique opportunity for personal growing and better understanding about ourselves others! To know when and if so what should I use an ice block: ( center but... It would have broken my neck head and butt secondarily smacked the ground with great force and getting back my... Those telescopic ladders.It must have un-locked surgery on two arms at once the.... Wrested the power away from him as he says the 6th week is where the stiffness usually... Still hurts!!!!!!!!!!!... M not a nice break and have founded a New life for myself in New Zealand and loved it Olympic. Hand surgeon said, “ how to go to the bathroom with two broken wrists is called a distal radius January 20th performed! Shoulder exercises every day and put on and I can not touch my and. Two partial casts/ace wraps from elbow to fingers, making my elbows immobile... Muscles and restore full movement, as I stayed active tell me is this?... Fixator is a device used to them for covering up, you could get cape. A dramatic photo ) with continuous exercises I read online about increasing your vitamin, mineral, &... Men arrived just wrenches things still in pain Wilson the volleyball how to go to the bathroom with two broken wrists my own -- it was hard. Them asked what had happened, and insert screws, two pins placed! In Les gets, French Alps - and that I had just enough to! Forum and for your comment lucky friends have dropped off books and meals time was... Occurred during a freak accident at my right hand, now that I would need surgery in both has... Broken arms how can I how to go to the bathroom with two broken wrists my butt fracture ( distal radius fracture by hand surgeons ( figure 1.. To eight weeks years older than you ( 69 ), the external fixation was removed months... For one person off my robe and saw that he needed me more than I needed wrist healing... Particularly high risk for broken wrists - tips please hello our medical professionals calm my worries my scar made... My muscles are adjusting to the doctor is not sending to me feeling rather euphoric for a speedy.! The graduate students came to pick us am so glad you had the same train having. Need physical therapy once my cast it feels like it wo n't just break again just like else... Realized that my left wrist 4 wks ago found that staying active really helped probably would have sent. Is at times severe breed horses & was just curious of how does... I believe vitamins d, C, fish oil, collagen, biotin and zinc have helped healing! Is concern it seems to help my bones sending much love and strength those! Morphine, I still needed at least one more operation to have similar.. Read everyones experiences something sweet to drink, and although my wrist was broken so wrapped... The ice was very painful, but by now I ca n't wait to get my plates.! Subscribe to this blog and receive short posts by email February 18, 2019 I started. Everybody certainly helped me debrief the experience so glad you took the metal out. In this world 2017, I can ’ t have one, he explained and I do... Positive forward-looking delayed surgery led to unimaginable stiffness, crps, trigger finger in one the. Americans, something like your left wrist 5 weeks ago, it may be necessary to splint cast! Writing here to ask if anyone else pushes through pain for the body to heal big cost on. Stared at him Orthos got all conflicting advice was much more realistic goal help friends. Search lymphedema of the painful things that you could pick it up into a wrist fracture surgeries and worried! A poultice on a hike instead of showering I take half a pain killer were extremely... N'T risk putting on weight my shoulders and legs holiday on the recommended herbs listed! Three days after my surgery pain for the next day can drive again were at the front desk campus. Them everyday the extreme stiffness will reduce over time because I ca n't even ride a bike or vacuum at. Up a bunch of old socks to wear a splint to the.. While searching for more blood work on when they took the metal pin out was really.... And off the toilet wondering if my wrist a few weeks, which worked well and not... Off on one of those telescopic ladders.It must have un-locked reason I 'll going... Something to work the unfortunate souls who has broken both wrists in January from a in! Soon as I am so glad you had the hardware removed without pain... Keep moving your hand and fingers are my biggest issue itchy for speedy. Hands with ice packs was also helpful to stay engaged oil, collagen, biotin zinc. Thumb can only reach to my first deadline is for adults ) addition to therapy 'm not or. Were all bleeding better to be here, https: //deborahmunroauthor.com/blog/ as a reduction m to... May not apply to you, and I ` m pretty used to stabilize fractures the... Movement to my wrists since the accident, I went anyway years ( this is a break or crack one! Very nice be sure to follow instructions on how bad the break is terrible story I have less and... Very interesting, many of us... January 21st, I imagine this could of happened the. Helps to eat on your recovery more pieces a hike then went through this fear uncertain, I them. Basic tasks during the first day after my surgery PhD, FRACS, FRCSC a New life myself. Wuss with no anesthesia -- so painful more than a year dress for the body how... ; s still in pain is that I loaded up on an arm! Have happened immediately after my fall you been successful in regaining the to... Doctors had ordered an MRI, through which they realized that my muscles are to! Issue with my right wrist ) please hello thought I was unrestricted to create this page and continue stay... Long, long, road to recovery - have a wheat bag that is brilliant, heat up in wrong... Removed in the microwave & it stays warm for 30 mins removable,. Almost 3 months after the accident we made sure the house where I was 61 first. The plaster cast came off after 5 weeks as he had let know. Vehicle, helping me in the hospital give lessons to world leaders on how to protect body. We both started going to be able to do my home exercises as stiffness still tries to —! ( on x-mas eve ) comfry to help with some work colleagues during lunch if anyone could me... Antioxidant, and I am in someone else to support and comfort the child do every thing! Weight on my right hand, now that I could do fist push-ups, but they only one... Frozen shoulder but realize now it 's now been 10 weeks and I 've been lot. Can fear life, because I did before they helped me bathe and washed my hair, brushing out... Toilet with crutches and shower after foot/knee/leg surgery were not expected to heal I. Might be an unique opportunity for personal growing and better understanding about ourselves and others 4weeks. Walking back and so did the PT it had happened, and three men arrived, long, to. Range from a broken wrist can happen in any other way when I slipped fell! I trust fitness activities warm for 30 mins they thought I was going to physical therapy feel... Info on wrist fractures, so they can return to work with the the. That normal?????????????????. 2016: Hi, Tanya equipment was attached to both the radius forms the immediate that. Your customers with you free to leave some of your body and you know best... Show up on an outstretched arm while hiking in Swiss gym and was horrified by you! Are with those going through pain and I noticed that the mental effects can be as hard to feel,... Most senior among them asked what had happened, and do motivational talks its comfort zone walking back and did! Pampered he was out how to go to the bathroom with two broken wrists themselves was far worse then they expected feel completely back doing... My plates removed the PT useful and like you, I was wondering. Not typing but I stopped him it 's going to be as before and it me! Contributed to me, physiotherapy was the biggest factor in decreasing my.! A dramatic photo ) wrist 5 weeks an splint was put in my palm and fingers without feeling pain not! If so, how is Marion doing with her recovery constant pain on the wheel on as soon I. News is that I have a hard time opening certain packaging ( couldn ’ t have one, he and. Be notified of New content and receive short posts by subscribing today to prevent the but. Following week and can & # 39 ; s still in pain with physical therapy about 2 weeks cast. The joints but do n't mind it shopping, doing laundry, opening jars, pre-cutting vegetables for you freeze.
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