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An inevitable outcome of our health and safety audits and advisory visits will be the identification of a training need. Many of these needs can be met by managers and supervisors but it must be delivered in a structured way with records kept as the all important evidence that an employee has achieved an acceptable level of competence. However it is also often the case that expert assistance is needed for training in the workplace (on the job), using the right equipment in the right place and at a time when it is needed. Jon Allbutt developed a unique training service to employers with his team of experts who travel to the clients workplace and deliver top quality training where and when it is needed.

A unique aspect of the Britrisk Training service is our ability to prepare and deliver short courses to update the skills of employees who were initially trained some years ago and will now be suffering ‘skill fade’. Maintaining high levels of competence is vital for those who operate work equipment or are responsible for carrying out high risk complex tasks.

To underpin the quality of our service and to assist the employee gain a national qualification Jon joined the Greenkeepers Training Committee team of Quality Assured Training Providers so that the Britrisk training courses count as credits towards the Work Based Diploma.

We can build and deliver a training programme for you, show you how to maintain good records, prepare bespoke courses to meet particular needs you may have.

Our training team will also provide you with details of other courses and are ready to help you develop a training programme specifically to meet your needs.


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posted on September 11, 2012
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