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There has been a lot of Health and Safety issues going through the courts of late. Two cases that stand out are the recycling company worker that was crushed between two skips whilst urinating that suffered extreme life changing injuries and the food plant that was fined £100k for a fatality involving a forklift truck. 

Both incidents are extreme cases where health and safety was so badly overlooked, with the most severe of consequences. In the first case, your immediate reaction might have been, “why was someone going to the toilet between two skips anyway, what an odd thing to do’ but if you knew that the company provided just one portable toilet with no running water that was so unclean and unhealthy that all the workers preferred to go to the toilet in the yard, you might have an understanding why this chap decided to do what he did.

After investigation, it was proven that the company had not carried out a proper risk assessment for traffic management on the site, and a simple barrier or road marking would have prevented the vehicle from hitting the skip in the first place and causing severe injury.

But more than that, basic human welfare, if the company had provided suitable facilities the poor chap would not have been stood in between the skips anyway. This is the most basic of Health and Safety Management requirements surely.

Airmain unloading a truck with forklift.

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The other case was the poor chap that was hit by a fork lift truck because the driver could not see over the load that he was carrying, as the 60 year old was carrying paper from one office to another the fork lift truckhit him and trapped his lower body. Whilst the emergency services were called, the man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Again some simple steps would have prevented this man from losing his life. A common sense approach, from a suitable risk assessment would have sufficed. Simply to make sure pedestrians and trucks had different paths so that the two would have been separated would have been all that this company required, that and ensuring that the containers were moved safely from one place to the other would have saved a life.

We see this all the time in the construction industry, as typically this type of company involves vehicles, people and heavy equipment all needing to work in the same space. Health and Safety in construction is paramount as one small mistake will enevitably lead to loss of life or limbs.

If you work in any area, where vehicles, heavy loads and people could collide you need to make sure that you avoid serious injury by calling in the Health and Safety experts

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posted on September 1, 2011
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