Petrol Retailing Case Study

Case Study

The Background:

Established in the 1960s, Dumpton Park Garage operates a fuel dispensing forecourt and Nissan car dealership in Broadstairs, Kent.  In 2011 they acquired another local site that comprises a motor vehicle dealership and workshop to which they have since added several other independent businesses run by tenants.

The Problem:

They felt ill-equipped to manage safety as they had neither the ‘Competence’, understanding nor time to devote to an area of the business that they did not see as a priority. Then in 2005, a ‘Near miss’ incident in the workshop caused a fundamental re-think and served to focus increased attention on safety issues.

The problem was not so much that outside resources were not available, but more that they were not being properly applied or co-ordinated. The supplying oil company were providing risk assessment documentation, but it was not being used. A well known company was carrying out safety audits on the fuel forecourt, but although boxes were being ticked, problems were not being corrected. Equipment was being maintained, but no-one was checking the frequency. Documentation was plentiful but it was not organised.

The Solution

Britrisk Safety were called in to audit the petrol forecourt and shop. They helped staff to understand and organise the documentation and created a health and safety notice board to constantly reinforce staff training and awareness. They organised a system of safety checks and showed staff how to carry them out. Risk assessments were conducted covering all topics, including COSHH, manual handling, DSEAR, food safety and security. A Britrisk Safe Operations Register was introduced to help with document management.

Having made significant progress on this front, Britrisk were instructed to take over the task of co-ordinating safety activity for the remainder of the site, including fire safety and the workshop area. They established a staff safety team, allocated responsibilities and delivered on-site safety to all staff.

When the business was recently extended, it was clearly logical to extend this safety service to the new site and Britrisk now carries out regular visits, providing ongoing health and safety support; helping to maintain compliance controls and staff awareness of key issues.


  1. A simple system of safety management covering all areas of the business including the fuels forecourt
  2. Staff understand their roles an responsibilities and apply them daily
  3. Local inspectors are happy and as a consequence, tend to stay away
  4. Legal compliance is made easy to achieve


“Effectively, Britrisk Safety act as our Health and Safety Manager, both during visits and on-line, giving us constant reassurance and protection. They seem to have perfected the art of transforming the frustrating paperwork and red tape associated with health and safety into simple processes, that our staff can easily understand and which gives them confidence to perform their H&S duties in a structured manner.  They offer a quality service that I have no hesitation in recommending.”

Peter Holt,
Managing Director,
Dumpton Park Nissan, Broadstairs

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