New Year, New Attitude – How to make Health & Safety Relevant

How to make Health & Safety Relevant

So how can you make your golf course and clubhouse as safe as possible or your school secure from harm in 2016?

 Don’t be a Health & Safety Grinch in the New Year

The New Year can be a time to freshen up your approach. Try to incorporate some humour into your notices and messages to staff. Ask them about their major concerns and bring them into the decision making loop.

Above all, try to talk about health and safety in a way that employees can relate to. It’s their safety that you are concerned with, so stress the advantages of good working practices, as well as the strong disciplinarian.

Create a Culture of Safety Wherever you Work

If safe practices are not embedded at an everyday level, there will always be a higher risk accidents and injuries. But if workers take pride in acting safely and reducing the risks that they face, things can change very quickly.

Successful health and safety campaigns seek to work from the bottom up, empowering every employee in the organisation, to change the way they work. It might be a good idea to start the practice of holding regular Health & Safety Committee meetings where everyone can participate.

Carry out a Realistic Risk Audit

When we talk about health and safety, we are really dealing with risk management. In any workplace, the key is to identify the most important risks and demonstrate that these have been minimised.

What you don’t need to do is to place hand cleaners next to the coffee machine or PPE in front of every computer screen. The law asks for reasonably foreseeable risk to be mitigated, not a police state, so take some time to work out where your highest risks lie.

By focusing on the right risks, bringing everyone into the decision making loop and communicating effectively, any organisation can make their health and safety efforts relevant and effective in the New Year.

How to make Health & Safety Relevant

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posted on December 21, 2015
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