New year and the new Independent Regulatory Challenge Panel

This year the government has finally announced that they will be setting up an independent regulatory challenge panel to assist businesses that feel they have been the “recipients of erroneous, or over-the-top advice from HSE” This is in the wake of the findings of the Löfstedt review that was held in November that asked for a process to be put into place for incidents where an over application of health and safety had been applied.

This new body will be put in place to look at complaints of businesses where they feel that the Health and Safety advice they have been given is onerous. If the businesses are unhappy with the advice they receive, in the first instance they will be encouraged to go back to the original Health and safety executive to resolve the issue, but if they are still left disgruntled then the complaint can be raised with the new independent regulatory challenge panel by filling out at online form on the HSE website.

The challenge panel will accept complaints from advice dating back to 30 June 2011 with all findings published on the HSE website.

Should you feel the need to complain, you can now do so, however my advice would be to choose the right health and safety consultants in the first place!


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posted on January 10, 2012
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