New FireAngel detector

John Caudle of FireAngel unveils the company’s new multi-criteria detector which combines optical sensing with thermal enhancement.

The ST-620 Thermoptek multi-criteria smoke alarm

An innovative new smoke alarm launched by FireAngel, a market leader in fire safety products, is set to improve the protection given to UK residents against fire and smoke in their homes. The ST-620 Thermoptek™ 10 Year Smoke Alarm is a multi-criteria high performance detector and the ultimate alternative to traditional smoke alarms.

This groundbreaking alarm is one of the most stable yet most cost-effective domestic smoke alarms on the market. It has a guaranteed ten year battery life and its Thermoptek™ technology combines the very latest in optical sensing with thermal enhancement, providing fast reaction to both slow smouldering and fast flaming fires in a single alarm.

This state of the art technology is an important step forward – as well as helping people feel safer in their homes, its new and improved universal backing plate means your role of fitting the smoke alarm has been made as quick and trouble-free as possible. And its reliability will not only benefit the end user but the industry as a whole.

We’ve listened to the Fire and Rescue Services and sent our team out with them on home safety visits to understand the difficulties they face, and have created an alarm which offers the improvements they’ve been asking for. In particular, we’ve focussed on product reliability, ease of fitting and affordability to reduce the burden on both finances and resources.

The ST-620 Thermoptek™ is designed to be one of the most stable smoke alarms available and as it’s less sensitive to cooking fumes, the risk of nuisance alarms is greatly reduced. The smoke alarm is also quicker than other optical alarms to react to fast flaming fires and its larger, concave central test button makes for easier silencing and weekly testing of the alarm.”

Britrisk Safety welcomes this new product, but as ever such equipment should be regularly checked by the consumer to ensure its effectiveness in an emergency.

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posted on September 20, 2010
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