New accreditation scheme for consultants

A new UK scheme to accredit safety consultants is likely to be announced in the next few weeks.

Work to develop the scheme, called for by IOSH for a number of years, has been accelerated as a result of Lord Young’s government review into health and safety. Lord Young has been critical of people operating as unqualified consultants, and blames them for some of the worst examples of over-the-top actions carried out in the name of health and safety.

The scheme, which will be voluntary, is likely to be introduced early next year, but announced soon. It will be set up and initially chaired by the Health and Safety Executive, and has been developed by a group of professional bodies led by IOSH and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. A consortium of professional bodies will eventually run the register.

IOSH members working as consultants will have to be Chartered to join the scheme, so that clients can be confident that they will get advice from someone with a degree level qualification in safety, practical experience, and a formal commitment to Continuing Professional Development.

Health and Safety Advisors at Britrisk Safety are appropriately qualified, giving you peace of mind when you use our outsourced service for your business.

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posted on September 20, 2010
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