Letter to the Daily Mirror re: ‘Red Nose Day’

Letter to the Daily Mirror re: ‘Red Nose Day’

Dear sir,

Red noses won’t be banned from cars because of health and safety. (‘Health and safety killjoys ban ‘dangerous’ Comic Relief car accessory’, The Mirror, 18 February). They may be removed because people are taking risk averse decisions.

The reality is that there are far more worrying matters for us to be concerned about, like preventing the 229 deaths and over 136,000 serious injuries reported in British workplaces last year.

It seems to me that Comic Relief has jumped on the “blame health and safety” bandwagon to help market their new ‘magnetic’ product. This, unfortunately, helps feed the untrue perception that health and safety stops people’s fun.

Yours sincerely
Nattasha Freeman
IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health)

This is exactly the type of issue that gets ‘Elf ‘n’ Safety’ a bad press and causes it to become a joke rather than a serious instrument which can and does stop lives from being ruined through death and life-changing injuries.  Let’s concentrate on controlling serious workplace hazards and leave the jokes to the comedians!

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posted on September 20, 2010
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