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Golf is one of the best sports in the world but it certainly is not the safest because of accidents.  The golf course is a very open space and though it might look nature friendly and safe, it is not the safest place for people who do not play the game they do not know of the dangers that the game brings.

Health and safety in golf is very important so reading signs in the golf course is a must.  Non golfers should try to avoid walking the course alone because of the dangers of the golf course.

The golf course is full of people who are playing the game, there will be players playing on every hole and this means that balls will be flying everywhere.  If a non golfer is taking a walk on the course, it is very important for this person to look at the surroundings and stay under the tree at all times.  Majority of the golfers in the world play for leisure and they are not at a level where they are able to control their shots most of the time and make it go where they want to.  Stray balls can be found all over the golf course and if you are on the wrong spot at the wrong time, you might just get hit by a ball that is flying at a really fast speed.

Golf can be a dangerous game if a person is not careful and there have been well publicised situations that have shown that there are dangers in the golf course. The best way to avoid dangers in the golf course is to put up signs that are visible to people.  But no matter how you analyze things, there will be things that you will miss that safety experts will be able to see.  If you are looking for expert health and safety in Kent, then look no further we can easily help any golf club by pointing out which parts of the golf course can be improved so that it will be much safer for the golfers to play on.

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posted on November 6, 2013
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