Be safe in your garden.

When most people venture outside into their gardens, health and safety is probably the last thing on their minds. They will usually be thinking about how much weeding, pruning and trimming needs to be done. The lawn surely needs a good mowing and where did all of that bind weed come from? Time to reach for the weed killer.Adults are aware that certain things in the garden can be harmful especially to children so the following horticulture health and safety tips may be of some help to gardeners of all ages and sizes.

Tools and equipment.
Children like to have a go with garden tools and emulate what their parents do. Identify which tools you are happy for children to use, such as hand trowels and forks, and teach them how to use them properly. Equally make them aware of what tools they are not allowed to use, or only use under direct supervision, and keep these tools locked in tool stores or sheds when you are not using them.


Many people garden with chemicals, which can be potentially hazardous to both children and to wildlife. Consider avoiding or minimising the use of chemicals whenever possible. This will open up all sorts of discussion and investigation into organic methods of crop protection and soil fertility! If there is a need for a minimum of chemicals, store them under lock and key and in their original containers.


It is still possible to buy new greenhouses fitted with non-safety glass (horticultural glass), and many existing greenhouses may be fitted with this, which if it gets broken can break into sharp shards of glass with the potential to cause cuts. Look to purchase a new greenhouse fitted with polycarbonate or acrylic glazing or toughened glass, or having the glazing in your existing greenhouse replaced with this if you are concerned. If you have young children consider where you locate your greenhouse in your garden, ideally it should be remote from where they would normally play.

Follow these simple steps and your garden will be a safe haven for everyone. Please look here for more information.

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posted on May 8, 2013
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