Health and Safety in Schools, has it gone one step too far?

Schools ban girls from wearing skirts over fears sex attacks

Following in the wake of the ludicrous decision by the authorities at Wimbledon to close Henman Hill because of slippery grass, comes another knee-jerk reaction guaranteed once again to bring ‘Elf & Safety’ into disrepute, this involves the school children that were putting themselves ‘at risk’ for wearing skirts that are too short (full article here)

Presumably those responsible also live in Utopia, a place where apparently they also believe that if enough red tape and regulation is introduced they can put a stop to ‘Risk’ once and for all, so we can all get on with a life of total safety and security.

Sadly we will all be at risk for as long as we walk the planet and perhaps young women are more exposed to predators than others, but does anyone seriously believe that the length of school skirts is going to fundamentally change anything?  School children should be encouraged by the entire education process to make good choices and act as responsible citizens but that applies to many aspects of life, not just the clothes they wear.

Education should be about good risk management as much as English and Maths, so let’s teach the kids about how to make good judgement calls, including taking personal responsibility for their health and their safety rather than trying to put a stop to their freedom to do so.


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posted on October 19, 2011
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