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Health and Safety in Schools and Colleges (for fees as low as £165 per month)

School staff and Governors are frequently perplexed by the perceived complexities and onerous responsibilities of health and safety management. They are understandably concerned about civil litigation and even criminal prosecutions in the event of an accident and yet they have a real concern about allowing the children in their care the best education, the widest possible ‘Early years’ experience and also ensuring that the school experience is an enjoyable one. Add to that the all too common common problem of a over-bureaucratic safety management system and the resulting stress is, in itself a significant risk!

Even if a school believes it has the support of a Local Authority infrastructure, this is frequently limited to providing a periodic audit which potentially simply throws the problem back at the school to manage itself.

The Britrisk answer is simple. Based on our direct experience as School Governors, we will provide you with a qualified Health and Safety Manager who will work regularly with nominated staff and governors. We will typically:

  • Visit the school at quarterly intervals and provide a structured system of support that we will agree with you and which will address the specific needs of your school
  • Provide constant and immediate support via telephone and e-mail at times when we are not on site
  • Carry out an immediate visit to provide expert help and support in the event of a serious accident that cannot be adequately supported via phone / e-mail
  • Provide a range of safety training services (such as ‘Fire Warden’, ‘Manual Handling’, ‘Risk Asssessment’ & ‘Safety Induction’) on school premises, thus avoiding the need for staff absence and costs associated with external training
  • Attend meetings of the Governing Body to provide briefings on the status of the school’s safety management system and actions being taken to improve it
  • Help senior Teachers and Governors to meet their legal obligations with confidence
  • Show you strategies for reducing paperwork and instead concentrate on real risk-reduction initiatives, built on efficient communication and ‘Dynamic’ risk assessment
  • Give you the means to monitor our input to ensure you get the best possible value from our input
  • Give senior staff and Governors regular and simple updates on the entire school safety management system via our unique ‘RAG’ colour-coded scorecard.
Read our case study about a school that we have assisted.

Effective health and safety in schools and colleges by Britrisk Safety, make the call and contact us now, or dial 020 8325 0232

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