Green Space Case Study

The Background:

Green Space SafetyThe Cottrell Park Estate has been in the continuous ownership of the Powell family for over 60 years and has been a highly successful golf and leisure resort set in mature parkland for the past 20 years. This is a complex and busy undertaking with two championship golf courses, a clubhouse and restaurant, a golf academy and a series of country tracks suitable for walkers including access for disabled visitors.

The Problem:

Health and safety management had always been an integral part of the business activity, however there were a series of short term relationships with health and safety consultants none of which proved satisfactory.  Coupled with the rapid pace of business development some worrying signs emerged that the safety management system was failing to keep pace.

The Estate then encountered some minor accidents, none of which were of huge significance on their own, but taken collectively, they resulted in a series of visits by the local Environmental Health Officer. The business came under steadily increasing pressure to do more and more to satisfy the EHO’s requirements. This was not only highly stressful for staff who were doing their best to comply, but the resulting confusion and angst amongst already hard pressed managers was making matters worse.

The Solution

The  search began to find a Safety Advisor who has an in-depth, relevant knowledge of the leisure industry – golf in particular – and who could:

  • deal with health and safety inspectors on their own terms to ensure that their requirements were reasonable and proportionate
  • agree reasonable timescales for action to achieve an acceptable level of compliance
  • work within a very busy site environment, in a ‘hands on’ capacity
  • ‘fit in’ and work alongside the management team and staff
  • help to develop vital policies and procedures
  • be constantly available when assistance was needed, outside of the pre-arranged timetable

Jon Allbutt of Britrisk Safety was appointed and has been Safety Advisor to Cottrell Park ever since.


  1. An efficient and reliable Safety Advisor is always available and is now part of the management team
  2. A safety management system covering all areas of the business that is simple, robust and relevant
  3. A system of regular checks and audits to ensure a consistent level of compliance
  4. A staff team who understand their roles and responsibilities and apply them constantly
  5. A positive and proactive safety culture at all levels
  6. Local inspectors are happy and consequently tend to stay away


“In 2009 we had a pressing need for a reliable safety expert with the right blend of knowledge, experience and availability. Jon Allbutt of Britrisk Safety has been our Safety Advisor since 2009. He sorted out our problems and has proved himself time and again to be the ideal person. The reliability and peace of mind provided by the Britrisk service has become a vital aspect of our business.”

Cottrell Park Resort

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