Environmental Management

Environment ManagementProtect Your Environment

The late great agronomist Mr Jim Arthur described owners and operators of amenity leisure sites as “custodians of important landscapes and precious environments”

We now have a range of laws that place duties on owners and operators to manage all aspects of these environments in a sensitive and responsible manner and to have plans to develop the biodiversity of their sites within the local Biodiversity Action Plan.

There are now also some very specific legal duties to reduce the pollution of groundwaters by having actively managed and verifiable policies and procedures in place that will, year on year, reduce the use of fertilisers and pesticides. This also includes having policies and procedures for the responsible management of organic waste by recycling, composting and re-using on site.

At Britrisk Safety we have a specialist team of experts who will assist you to develop policies and procedures to develop and protect your environment, and reduce your chances of receiving enforcement action and prosecution.

Remember that polluting the environment is a criminal offence and environment inspectors now have the same powers of prosecution and imprisonment as their health and safety colleagues!

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