Have You Got An Up-to-date Risk Assessment

Only 1 / 4 of social housing suppliers are assured that their blocks have an appropriate and satisfactory fire safety risk assessment in effect. The figures were exposed last month by Andy Cloke of the Chief Fire Officials organisation ( CFOA ) at a Chartered Institute of Housing ( CIH ) meeting. He told representatives that some fire safety risk assessments weren’t “worth the paper they’re written on”, according to Within Housing mag.

Apparently representatives were asked the same questions prior to the start of each convention and then at its conclusion.

Just 40% of responses said that rest assured they’d taken a suitable and thorough risk assessment on all their stock, but this figure dropped to 25 % when asked again at the end of the meeting.. Meanwhile, forty five percent at the start of the sessions thought their houses was ‘fit for purpose ‘, but this figure crumpled to 27percent at the end of the sessions.. The figures were received from responses to four seminars held in the first six months of 2010.. Another three have been held since then, with plans for another four during the rest of 2011.. Almost half of all respondents at the end of the conventions announced they weren’t assured the person undertaking their fire risk assessments was completely competent. 93% announced they were never guaranteed that all their renters wholly accepted their and their landlord’s fire safety responsibilities.. According to a CFOA report, feedback from the seminars included bewilderment about what is believed to be a ‘suitable and sufficient’ risk assessment ; the relations between renter and owner ; renters not at the forefront of the owners ‘ minds ; and nominal awareness of the realworld structure of the building..

Get in a reliable, competent company to finish your risk assessment and counsel you on any changes you’ve got to make, it is worth getting a risk assessment finished as you’ll be responsible if anything occurs..


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posted on July 21, 2011
in Safety Management
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