Council boss refused to wear hard hat on site

The leader of a London council who refused to wear a hard hat while visiting a redevelopment site in his borough defended his decision, saying “people should have a choice whether to wear them or not”.

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The refusal of Bromley Council Leader Stephen Carr to wear a hard hat, during a visit to a redevelopment site, whilst inexcusable and petulant may be seen as possible reaction to the negative reputation health and safety is acquiring.  When tennis fans were prevented from watching matches on Henman Hill earlier in the summer there was understandable outrage at a ludicrous decision.  Both cases are extremes and both prove that common sense is often the best rule to apply, however as we all know, common sense is not always common.

One fundamental job of a decent health and safety consultant is to have the knowledge of what the law requires, the experience to make correct decisions for our clients and the wisdom to get the balance right.

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posted on August 9, 2011
in Safety Management
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