Construction Health and Safety – or not!

A friend of mine recently took a holiday overseas in an African country, where perhaps they take the health and safety in construction not as seriously as we do in this country. Whilst there are obvious cost benefits to this route actually the risk to the workers is immense and it left me thinking, how many people are actually going to have to lose a limb or worse still a life before something changes?

Just take a look at this picture which demonstrates what I mean

Aside from the slightly dodgy build (not my area of expertise but nothing looks straight!) here are the problems,

what’s missing:

  • Edge protection – the platform is very narrow, it only takes one slip!
  • Correctly constructed elevated working platform, this is really held together just with frayed rope and a lot of luck
  • Safe means of access / egress (a requirement for any ‘Place of work’ – and this is a place of work).
  • PPE (personal protective equipment – minimum hard hat, high-vis vest, protective footwear
  • Any form of fall arrest equipment, harness etc.
  • ‘RAMS’ (Risk Assessment & Method Statement) – think we can ‘safely’ (excuse the pun) assume this was not done.

Two things make me sad, that the workers are not looked after properly with a total disregard for their well-being, and that my friend had to take a holiday that was more of a work-as-you-tan special offer…

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