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Where the welfare of children are concerned, especially when they are supposed to be in a completely secure environment, any help given to protect them and keep them safe seems to me to be a jolly good move. Health and safety in schools is one of our specialist areas so we were delighted to read that the classroom risk assessment is being renamed as a ‘classroom checklist’. By providing a simple list that you can just quickly check against removes all the ‘pomp’ of health and safety in an environment that actually requires it the most where our children are concerned, as they can get hurt in a ‘normal’ classroom environment.

The Health and Safety Executive have provided this sensible guide for the teaching and support staff who use the classroom, and its sole aim is to provide a quick 20 minute check list that provides confidence to the staff that sensible precautions are in place for all those that work in that classroom. As not every classroom activity requires a written risk assessment, this check list provides a sensible solution to fill the gap between a full written assessment to comply with the Health and Safety legislation (for example in Science Laboratories) and absolutely nothing at all.

This check list will provide a great baseline to ensure that health and safety in school classrooms meet minimum requirements and it will also provide a really useful resource for the school when they are reviewing the whole risk assessment. It basically identifies the most common areas in a ‘normal’ classroom, for example furniture and fixtures, fire extinguishers and that type of thing. Its not meant to be an exhaustive list, more a helpful prompt to identify where risk may lie.

This aligns with my belief that Health and Safety requires a ‘common-sense’ approach and nothing more!

If you want to download the checklist you can, you’ll find it here or alternatively if you think we can help you’ve only got to pick up the phone.


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