BIGGA Turf Management Exhibition (BTME)

The BIGGA Turf Management Exhibition (BTME) is Europe’s leading showcase for turf professionals and buyers, and an invaluable opportunity to expand your education and development through our Continue to Learn programme.

With the largest selection of products and services to equip your sports venue, a trip to BTME in Harrogate each January is a must. There is no better show for finding your crucial grounds care products and optimising the quality of your playing surface.

Long established as Europe’s foremost turf care show, this superb event takes place from 21-23 January 2014 at Harrogate International Centre over three vibrant days in which Harrogate, UK, becomes the heart of the turf care industry – meaning, of course, unbeatable networking opportunities.

Also, BIGGA will be hosting over 54 educational Workshops and Seminars over five days in the Queen’s Suite including Fringe Seminar presentations from exhibiting companies – which runs from 19-22 January.

The exhibition covers every product in the industry including artificial grass, course furniture, drainage, fertilisers, grounds care machinery and equipment, irrigation, mowers, soil biology, spraying, turf and seeds, water, lake and pond management and wetting agents and so much more.

Renovating Your Golf Course.

Bearing in mind the torrential rainfall of the past few weeks the above workshop couldn’t be available at a more appropriate time. This is an in-depth and interactive workshop looking at how redesigning the layout and detailed structure can improve a golf course and make it more maintainable, efficient and economical.

You will learn about:

  1. Understanding the basic principles of design.
  2. Appreciating the need to have a safely designed set of holes.
  3. Putting those principles onto practice.
  4. The why’s, how’s and wherefores of renovating a course.
  5. Concentrating on greens, tees and particularly bunkers.
  6. Programming and budgeting the project.

You will have available to you a panel of golf course managers will discuss their experiences of renovation programmes on day two.

Making Your Golf Course Safe! (The GTC)

Health and safety in golf is of course paramount in any Golf Club. This half-day workshop is designed to support golf club employers and Course Managers to be Health and Safety compliant when considering course alterations and all aspects of day to day responsibilities to maintain and manage the business.

You will learn:

  1. The principles and practices of designing golf courses safely.
  2. Safety parameters and margins.  Laws and protocols.
  3.  Assessing safety, assessing risk and identifying hazards, probabilities and risk values.
  4. Rights and wrongs, responsibilities and liabilities, legal issues and relevant case studies.
  5. The CDM regulations in undertaking a project work.
  6. The operation and management of courses safely in mind.
  7. The use of hazardous materials and potentially dangerous machinery.
  8. The health and safety of the employee.
  9. Managing the risk of golf club and golf course operation.
  10. The top 10 priority risk controls for clubhouse and ‘Green area’ operation.
  11. ‘Dynamic Risk Assessment’ – the vital, unknown control tool.
  12.  The role of health and safety in a golf club’s ‘Brand protection’.
  13.   Converting your Safety Management System from words to actions.

Presented on behalf of The Greenkeepers Training Committee by Tom Searle and Jon Allbutt, Britrisk Safety (experts in health and safety in Kent), and Howard and William Swan from Swan Golf Designs.


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posted on January 8, 2014
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