Our Business

Our Business is to support your business. A considerable range of Health and Safety legislation requires you to take actions that keep people safe. Our task is to give you all the support necessary to enable you to achieve that aim. We will provide you with good quality, low cost, simple guidance, policies, procedures and risk assessments, that will enable you to maintain a safe working environment.

Meet The Team

Managing Director ~ Tom Searle.Managing Director ~ Tom Searle. Technical Director ~ Jon AlbuttTechnical Director ~ Jon Albutt
Safety Advisor ~ <br> SamSafety Advisor ~
Safwty Advisor ~ MichaelSafwty Advisor ~ Michael Safety Advisor ~ NobbySafety Advisor ~ Nobby
Office Manager ~ <br> JulieOffice Manager ~
Office Administrator ~ MarkOffice Administrator ~ Mark

Who We Help

Our Safety Advisors

We help all types and sizes of organisations with their need to act in accordance with health and safety law:
  • From small, family-run businesses to 'Top 100' Corporates
  • Businesses whose activities entail higher that average risks
  • Anywhere in the UK
  • Certain locations in Europe
Our team of experienced Safety Advisors are drawn from a variety of commercial, industrial, public and private backgrounds, allowing their skills and therefore your needs to be appropriately matched. From small family run businesses to multi-national organisations, your staff are helped to meet the demands of providing a safe and legally compliant workplace.

Our promises to you

  • Promise 1. "We will deliver an innovative, cost-effective system of managing safety, tailored precisely to the specific requirements of your business - not ours"
  • Promise 2. "We will act as a catalyst for the smooth operation of your corporate safety and help to relieve the stress associated with penalising legislation
  • Promise 3. "We will work in partnership with your team to develop simple, easily understood safety systems for you that can be easily communicated and observed"
  • Promise 4. "We will provide you with an agreed support package, based on a recognised government standard"
  • Promise 5. "We will show you how to monitor our progress in a way that is easy to understand / present and show you that you are getting value from our service"
  • Promise 6. "We will respond to your queries efficiently and quickly"

What our clients Say

‘Britrisk adopts an organised and pragmatic approach to health and safety management. They have brought us up to speed quickly and efficiently with short, simple, policies and procedures that are easy for our staff to understand and apply. They are adept at encouraging and motivating our people and have become a valuable, productive partner to Bromley College’ Heather Cross, Vice Principle Corporate Services, Bromley College

If our vision matches you own business aspirations, then make the call and contact us now.

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