Crop planting in the beginning of July was 26% lower than that a year ago, but the gap has now reduced to 6.4%. In rural areas, mudslides can bury villages and destroy crops. Initially, all regions received light rain and good yields, but heavy rains in August flooded many Tagalog countries, especially crops of pulses, cotton, rice, sesame, maize and legumes. Explore more on Gujarat Monsoon. Kharif crops are grown in wet & hot conditions. Gujarat State Seeds Corporation Ltd., established in April 1975 popularly known byits brand name GURABIN is serving in the larger interest of farmers from more than three decades with farmers faith brand loyalty, quality assurance, dedicated service and sustainable contribution for upliftment of farmers with Glorious achievements. According to Prime Minister Via Rofani, the crop crop was filled in several crops in 2020. New Delhi: Revival of monsoon rains this month after a dry June has helped farmers accelerate sowing, taking crop planting in the country closer to last year’s mid-rainy season level, government data shows. Find Gujarat Monsoon Latest News, Videos & Pictures on Gujarat Monsoon and see latest updates, news, information from NDTV.COM. Rice: Sowing has not yet started but is likely to start with Monsoon showers over Gujarat. In 2005, a strong monsoon devastated western India. Similarly, onion consumption has increased and the monsoon crop in Karnataka and Gujarat failed, leading to higher prices. Normal Monsoon rains in Gujarat will help in timely sowing of Cotton. (With inputs from Nimesh Khakharia,Melvyn Thomas & … More than 100 people died. , Damage to plants և damage etc. According to the previous report, Gujarat is the highest of all. The rainy season is in full swing this year. As the summer monsoon blew in from the southwest, it first hit the state of Gujarat. Top 5 Kharif Crops grown in Monsoon: 1. In the last three years, kharif sowing in Gujarat has received a tremendous boost from an above-normal monsoon this year. Few of the Kharif crops grown during monsoons in India are rice, maize, bajra, corn, and peas. Then, the monsoon rains hit the state of Maharashtra. Today, our focus will be on Kharif Crops which are popularly known as Monsoon Crops. Flooding in Maharashtra killed more than 1,000 people. Kharif Crops or Monsoon Crops. Prominently, cotton production is set to get a boost this year, with sowing already over 100 per cent. Floods caused by incessant rains in parts of Gujarat have nearly ruined crops in more than eight lakh hectares leaving farmers, who expected bumper yield with the onset of monsoon, devastated. It is considered as a top crop to grow in Monsoon because it requires average temperatures of 25-26 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 100cm of rainfall. We are expecting around 15% of groundnut to be spoiled in this region, and reduction of around 20% in cotton crop,” he said. Groundnut cultivation is done in 14.246 lakh hectares of land. Hence, it is usually grown in rice paddy fields and coastal areas of India. Thereafter, with rains decreasing during the the vegetative and boll formation stage may have an adverse impact on the cotton crop. An official of Agriculture Department of Gujarat government agreeing to the damage on crop said that all crops which were sown early due to an early monsoon this year will certainly suffer adverse impact. Already, while cereal crops have clocked 99.02 per cent sowing, that of oilseeds is at 98.24 per cent.
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