Watering has been limited due to spillage issues, and still it grows. For similar shape and aesthetics, you could have bought a dieffenbachia, instead. ". What habits have you adopted to help save money? I suggest keeping the "footprint" of your porch, and spend the money on the porch cover which is part of the roof. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. majilo, i am confused and have fingers crossed. During the seedlings' first month, feed them once every two weeks in place of a regular watering with a plant food such as an organic 2-4-2 fertilizer that you dilute to one-half strength by mixing 2 tablespoons of it with 1 gallon of water. I don't know much about the plant in question not having grown it, but if you are OK not trying to make it flower while indoors, I would recommend getting cheap fixtures of any sort that can take big bulbs, and the large size (I think they are 65 watt) CFL twisty bulbs in the closest you can get to 6500K. It's that bright. The simple version is to think tall/medium/short, evergreens that would stay below window level except maybe a taller one to the right of the windows on the right, offset those plantings with your existing medium height plants in a different "texture" and maybe annuals as the third and front level. "I can tell you the ones I got, three LED's are the same color and the other three all look a bit different.". Solar powered for energy efficiency and easy operation, the Trendscape Bird of Paradise LED Bronze Solar Path Light is hand-crafted from acrylic to light up your outdoor space with colorful elegance every night. It has more than doubled in size. Keeping it small and healthy looking is a little like wanting your cake and eating it too. The bird-of-paradise plant is related to the banana. Please help me help my daughter with her bedroom. Will a "regular" LED light do anything? I got some nice pendant lights to go right above the plants and hide the big ugly white LED bulb :), Just bought these lights can’t wait to try them for my BOP. The other bulbs, the "12W" one from ABI was 14.8 watts on his device. These small … Did you have an answer to my question about supplemental lighting through the fall? Give bird of paradise a spot in full sun for best growth and most flowers. It is a small plant by any measure. Insufficient sunlight is the top reason that a bird of paradise inside doesn’t bloom. The light is still pinkish purple, but the ABI ones have some white LED's in the mix as well. I have a large flat deep green oval leaves similar to banana trees. but it must have a cable. In all honesty for what you want to do I would recommend somethinglike the 26W or 55W SunBlaster CFL. A good idea to ensure that your bird of paradise is always exposed to the right temperatures is by planting in containers that way you can move your plant to a more secure and warm area away from the nighttime chill. It's hard to tell the exact color because the filter on my welders mask messes with the color. That "device" is inexpensive and one of the best investments that you can make. Gosh. I had those MR16 bulbs, and they showed 5.7 or 5.8 watts. I recommend SANSI LED grow light bulb to you, it's not composed of purple led and blue led. I really wanted to see if all of the LED's visible when it's powered off were making light, and I had to wear my welder's mask to look at the thing directly. If you're interested, look up COB (chip on board) LED grow lights. I can't stressenough how distracting the light is, I would not have it in any room Iused for anything else. We go over Watering, temperature, sunlight exposure, and fertilizing. "The ABI one actually draws almost 20W from the wall socket. pauli12, please take my word that in the realm of electrical usage, that dryer is using more than most of your other eqpt. My other experience with the seller "evergotek" on Amazon is that their products perform well. Pam, any updates since 2015? Oh, when we upgraded the magic jack for $50 it gave us 5 years free. Lots of "hydroponic" grow lights. Your plant is large so I would expect you toneed at least 2 26Watt bulbs and reflectors. In order to make bird of paradise flower, the proper growing conditions must be met. Lighting That Bird of Paradise Plant Loves Birds of paradise are tropical plants, thus full sun and light shade sooth them. We have a good vibe. I bought a "24W" LED unit from another vendor, and that one looks and performs identical to the ABI 12W unit, same number of LED's, same housing (probably from the same source in China), same power draw and same operating temperature after running for a few hours. that is the bill i am trying to get down. Through the summer, it got early direct sunlight and diffuse sun the rest of the day. We knocked down a little of the length of the upper retainer wall ( to walk around) and we just now mapped out that we will take the leap and cut into the lower white wall to add stairs to access the upper yards more quickly. However, the ones built to fit into a standard fixture socket might work for your specific situation. $24.98 ... INCX Solar Ground Lights, 12 Packs 8 LED Solar Garden Lamp Waterproof In-Ground Outdoor Landscape Lighting for Patio Pathway Lawn Yard Deck Driveway Walkway White ... Moonrays 96369 Solar Garden Blue Bird Stake Light. He has a device that plugs in the wall, and you plug things into it and the digital readout shows how many watts are being used. It doesn’t grow a stem, and the leaves simply appear from the center pad. My botanical name is Strelitzia nicolai but I am more commonly known as White Bird of Paradise. I have bought other LED lights from that seller on Amazon, and the quality of the other units seems quite good. It isn't bad for 4.5 watts, but, I wouldn't have bought it for $17 had I known. Last fall, I bought/potted an amazing white bird of paradise as an "accent" for my dining room. Extending the porch and larger roof sounds like an expensive alternative. This 50's ranch needs a revamped front porch. The figure i am trying to beat is $85/month for cell phone, internet, phone + LD, and cable. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. I just now ordered a 4-pack of Evergotek's MR16 bulbs. I think 40W is the most proper for your bird of paradise. I made the mistake of looking on Amazon for "grow lights" and Oh. Turn them on in theevening(afternoon) just before sunset and leave them on long enough togive the plant 12-14 hours of total light. From shop ApricotMint. I am native to South Africa but I was grown in Florida and am so happy to be going to my new home. If you have a large area, you may need to use multiple grow lights to fully cover the area. I could move it back on the porch, but it has grown too big to move I think and everyone who walks in the door has a fit over it. What type? Birds of Paradise is a tough plant that can withstand winds, so direct sunlight is more important than finding a non-drafty location. :) it's going to take some time but we are excited. Here is a basic care guide for White Bird of Paradide ( Strelitzia nicolai) I do not own a Strelitzia reginae, but the same care applies. to all those with cell phones, your deals still have not beaten using tracphone burner, only for emergencies, $28 every 90 days. If you’ve fallen in love with bird of paradise plants but live in a cold climate, you can grow these tropical beauties indoors as houseplants. I can't say much about that one from actual experience, but from the information in the listing on Amazon, it has potential as well. If I were you, I would be satisfied with just keeping it alive until it can be moved outdoors in the Spring. November 6, 2020. haidayu, funnily enough I just bought some and then googled to see if they'd work for my plants. > Thank you, Common Sense. I bought my P3 International Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor, Model P4400.01, for $20 at Menards. If you cannot hang outside, hang inside in the kitchen is usually a good spot, although i have a towel rack in my bath tub and i use that. Who is your internet provider? Mark VI's pic shows an example that is proportional. https://soltechsolutionsllc.com/best-light-for-growing-plants-indoors/. The Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia) is a stunning exotic tropical plant with distinct flowers and leaves like a banana plant.Bird of paradise flowers look like the head of a crane or birds from the family Paradisaeidae—commonly called “birds-of-paradise.”Although this is a tropical flowering plant, birds of paradise can grow in pots indoors. Check the power consumption of your LED lamps with a watt meter. They claim 1400-1500 lumens, and I have no reason to doubt that claim. Decorate all of your home spaces with Alpine. It was about 2 feet tall. Although there are five different species in its genus, Strelitzia, the most common are the orange-and-blue-flowered S. reginae and the white-flowered S. nicolai.Most species have dark-green, paddle-shaped leaves that are 18 to 24 inches wide and can grow to four feet in length. KingFong Solar Outdoor Light for Garden 27inches Hight 5 Clolor Light Change 6pack, HECARIM Landscape Rock Light, Solar Powered Garden Lights Outdoor Decorative Waterproof LED Spotlight for Decor, Ground, Driveway, Pathway, Walkway, Yard, Patio. We always have this plant in stock at our plant store in San Francisco. It's about 6 feet tall now with new growth all the time. Hello Pam Fisher, I think you need a full spectrum grow light, it means the leds output white light near sunlight. I have a similar "27W" lamp that, in fact, uses 4.5 watts of power. A roof extension, a la Mark VI, makes sense for function, and for attractiveness. The exception to that is in the hottest regions, where partial shade protects plants from strong sun and heat. The variations available!! The Bird of Paradise is considered the queen of the indoor plant world. With only one blue LED, the area under the blue portion of the power spectral density curve should be 1/5th the area under the red portion but, it is about half, which is suspicious. My. (Warm White 10 Pack), Solar Lights Outdoor, 12Pack Stainless Steel Outdoor Solar Lights - Waterproof, LED Landscape Lighting Solar Powered Outdoor Lights Solar Garden Lights for Pathway Walkway Patio Yard & Lawn-Cool White, Signature Garden 8 Pack Solar Garden Lights - Super-Bright 15 Lumens; Makes Garden Pathways & Flower Beds Look Great - Easy NO-Wire Install; All-Weather/Water-Resistant (Plastic, Black), Solpex 8 Pack Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor, Solar Powered Garden Lights, Waterproof Led Path Lights for Patio, Lawn, Yard and Landscape-(Cold White), Moonrays 96332 Paradise Parrot Stake Light, Blue, Doingart Outdoor Solar Garden Lights - 2 Pack Solar Powered Garden Stake Lights with 18 Butterflies and Copper String Lights, Multicolor, GIGALUMI Solar Lights Outdoor Garden Led Light Landscape/Pathway Lights Stainless Steel-12 Pack…, GIGALUMI Solar Path Lights Outdoor, LED Solar Garden Lights Wireless, Waterproof Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor for Patio, Yard, Walkway, Lawn. The following articles can help with this. Altho you don't have the natural treed landscape of K2's first photo, the softness of the curves can demonstrate how that idea can work. The ABI one actually draws almost 20W from the wall socket. This combination produces large plants with attractive foliage and abundant, large flowers. The box and the listing I bought them from claimed 6 watts, which is pretty close. Outdoor Figurine Lights 2 Pack, Wohome Outdoor Solar Garden Stake Lights,3 Pack Solar Powered Lights with 12 Lily Flower, Multi-Color Changing LED Solar Landscape Lighting Light for Garden, Patio, Solar Flower Lights Outdoor Garden Decorative 4 Pack Solar Powered Flower Lights with 16 Lily Flower, Waterproof 7 Color Changing Lily Solar Powered Lights for Patio, Lawn, Garden, Yard Decoration, FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon, Lily Garden Pack of 6 Bird of Paradise Spray Natural (Orange, 22.5 Inch), Moonrays 96351 Majestic Seahorse Stake Light, Blue, Green, Yellow, Calcifer 32'' Real Touch Bird of Paradise Artificial Flowers Bouquet for Home Garden Decoration/Wedding Party Decor Orange (Package Quantity: 5 Stems), 10 Pack Solar Lights Outdoor Decorative, Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor, Solar Powered Garden Yard Lights for Walkway Sidewalk Driveway. Hopefully this article should help a little. B. They're purple? Common Cents, don't be fooled. Plants in full sun tend to be shorter with smaller flowers, while part-shade plants grow taller with larger flowers. Buy a bulb first (they're cheap) so you can prepared for what the fixture needs to accommodate, they are bigger than incandescent bulbs but use the same socket. If they live in healthy conditions, they can produce more than 35 flower spikes every year; this means they are always used as ornamental plants as well. Results would be that we can move directly from the house/ kitchen area up the steps and into our yard - rather then out, then down steps then over through patio the up a longer flight of stairs and back over. I have a room that has a blocked south window ( another house is in the way), where i have a young bird of paradise plant in a 1 gal pot, its under 2 Argosun dayspot 60 watt grow bulbs. One of the most beautiful of all exotic flowers, the bird of paradise plant is often grown indoors. Since these plants thrive in USDA zones 9 through 12, that is exactly what they get when they grow outside. I use LED lights to grow veggies in thebasement.. but I don't think they are an appropriate choice for yoursituation. Is that beneficial? Hello Pam Fisher, I think you need a full spectrum grow light, it means the leds output white light near sunlight. artifical lighting for bird of paradise Asked November 26, 2014, 10:37 PM EST We bought a bird of paradise plant this summer for our living room and can see that it is not getting enough light, as the room it is is does not get direct sunlight. I'm now trying to talk her into buying end chairs for her dining room. If placed in a west of south facing window during summer, the bird of paradise might require protection from the hot and intense rays of sunlight by … Give this plant a minimal 5 hours of full sunlight per day. The Bird of Paradise plant, or strelitzia, is a large and gorgeous foliage plant that looks just as majestic indoors in a pot, as it does outside in the garden.This plant is famous for its round palm-like leaves and its brightly-coloured architectural flowers that bloom to look like tropical birds – earning the strelitzia the household name of ‘Bird of Paradise’ plant. I hate for you to spend $30, just to find that out. ; Birds of paradise need to support each other: ideally, you will plant them in pairs, so they can grow together. It's a lot brighter than any incandescent or halogen reflector bulb I have up to 150W. Small, but very bright, and very wide angle output. Just need to know what is the best bulb to get. Even a regular bird of paradise, strelitzia reginae, would have been a better choice as a house plant. So, they cover a wide area from up close. I have magic jack - $20/yr and no cable-i get all programs online for free. I had another 5 LED, more focused "10W" unit which was the other 5.x number (5.8 or 5.7). So there are vendors out there misrepresenting their products. I purchased a cheap LED floor lamp from Amazon that I can bend to whatever position and the plant seems to love it, even though 2 feet of it are above the lamp. On the less expensive side, some three dimensional foundation plantings would do wonders to 1. encompass the porch, (like adding a frame and a mat to a painting), 2. cozy up your home, (I picture more plantings "wrapping" it with a feeling of being established), 3. camouflage the foundation while tying the house to the lawn and 4. softening the simple lines of the ranch style. Mitja Derenda / Getty Images. If you're growing bird of paradise inside, it's important to keep it in the brightest room in your house. Since 2015, LED grow lights have continued to improve. Make sure to leave growing room and not plant too close to the foundation. All this would draw the eye from the street to the left seating area, to the walk and plantings on the right, to your new porch as a welcoming entry to the house...not an afterthought, which the awning was. She has a nice table and chairs but puts old ugly chairs at the ends for company and just leaves them there all the time since she has company fairly often. As nights got down into the 50s, about two weeks ago, I moved it inside, However, my "suniest" window doesn't seem to be sunny enough. The blue LED should look very different and the 660 nm LEDs should look about 1/9th as bright as the 610 nm LED. Giant Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia nicolai, or "banana leaf plant") will grow inside as a houseplant in a very sunny room. Thank you so much for your advice. The ABI 18W unit has 18 LED's, and it runs quite a bit warmer than a 12 LED, 12W unit from them. I'm in the same situation where there's not enough light IMO in my living room and would like to help the Bird of Paradise grow, while also not affecting the ambiance with a purplish red light. First of all, the snarky comment from Arunski about shoulda coulda was unnecessary --who says something like that? http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51gCYrPUs5L. The bulbs I mean consume 65 watts, they are not "65 watt equivalent" as compared to incandescent. :). We had a landscape designer come out for an hour consultation and agreed it needs access to the top. Once the seeds begin to sprout, remove their pot from the bag, and place the pot under a grow light or on a windowsill where it receives sunlight for only part of the day. Bird Of Paradise at a Glance. I intend use these MR16 bulbs to replace a few of the 8.5W, 2700K bulbs in my growth chamber for starting seedlings next Spring to see whether they make a difference: http://www.general-cathexis.com/images/LED1.jpghttp://www.general-cathexis.com/images/LED2.jpghttp://www.general-cathexis.com/images/LED3.jpg. It is relatively hardy and adapts to a wide spectrum of light conditions from direct sun to … miculite at 75°F. Difficult slope in backyard - design help. Find out which ones, from old-fashioned to modern, are right for you, If you're waffling whether 'tis better to work with what you've got or start fresh somewhere else, this architect's insight can help, Its ethereal beauty comes from complex forms and wide-ranging colors, but columbine’s benefits are highly attractive too, Woodlands, marshes, deserts — pollinators are everywhere, Learn how to observe, record data and help ornithologists with NestWatch’s citizen science project understand bird trends. They actually do best in light shade where the leaves and the flowers will be larger. I've got an adjustable floor lamp I can put the bulb in, to aim it at the plant. Bird of paradise can grow up to more than 30 feet tall. Leave at least 6 feet between plants, as the large clumps produce most of their flowers around the edges. Mexican bird of paradise from cuttings can be grown in containers. In Leaflet 91, Bird of Paradise (Cooperative Extension Service, University of Hawaii), Donald P. Watson states, "Ifseedsare stored and reach the dry hard stage, soak them for five minutes in sulphuric acid, wash them carefully, and plant in shredded treefern ora mixtureof loam, manure, and black sand in a shaded place. ...if ithis plant should reach such tremendous proportions, I can trim it back. To the right towards top of hill we planted a marina strawberry tree for shade on the house in the hot summer. Bird of paradise requires full sun, so look for a spot that gets at least five hours of sunlight per day. I'll sort it out when I get them. 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