And she was a hardy woman. 213+6 sentence examples: 1. The best season for grafting apples and similar hardy subjects in the open air is in March and April; but it may be commenced as soon as the sap in the stock is fairly in motion. 11. Many ornamental gourds (Cucumis pepo) are hardy enough to be grown outside once the danger of frost is past. Another word for hardy. 3. small rough winkles and the occasional hardy barnacles gain enough shelter here to survive. : This is a great time to sow hardy annuals from seed while the soil is still warm. tender exotics are not frost hardy and need to be over-wintered in order for the plant to survive. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Parliament was dissolved in July 1865, and the university elected Mr Gathorne Hardy in his place. Hardy, Descriptive Catalogue (1862), vol. 2. Those that are perfectly hardy are best planted where they are to flower in good time during autumn. The vine is hardy in Britain so far as regards its vegetation, but not hardy enough to bring its fruit to satisfactory maturity, so that for all practical purposes the vine must be regarded as a tender fruit. How to use foolhardy in a sentence. The mutton of the Cotswolds is not of high quality except at an early age, but the sheep are useful for crossing purposes to impart size, and because they are exceptionally hardy. Lychnis Coeli-rosa: hardy, t2 ft., rosy-purple, with pale centre; pretty. The men are hardy, well built and handsome; and the women are noted for their beauty, the ancient Greek type being well preserved. Lupinus nanus: hardy, I ft., bluish-purple; abundant flowering. They are hardy and will work hard together assisting each other. The dismissal occurred as Hardy’s appeal in … We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Liliaceae), a hardy bulbous biennial, which has been cultivated in Britain from time immemorial, and is one of the earliest of cultivated species; it is represented on Egyptian monuments, and one variety cultivated in Egypt was accorded divine honours. WEAVE IN, MY HARDY LIFE. Nemophila insignis: hardy, 6 in., azure blue, with white centre. Hardy seguía, obstinado:. Stock): hardy, I ft., various as in Stock. Gooseberries, currants, roses and many hardy 'deciduous trees and shrubs are easily propagated in this way if the cuttings are inserted in welldrained soil about the end of October or early in November. A tall hardy perennial, fennel has delicate, bright green foliage and yellow flowers. It is not a hardy vine. Trees in the woodland are hardy, withstanding cold winters and severe weather in the spring. Only the hardiest plants are able to survive in this harsh environment. unkind remarks were made about Standard managing director Bert Hardy. Then as to position, certain cuttings grow readily enough if planted outdoors in the open soil, some preferring shade, others sunshine, while less hardy subjects must be covered with a bell-glass, or must be in a close atmosphere with bottom heat, or must have the aid of pure silver sand to facilitate their rooting (fig. Nemesia floribunda: hardy, I ft., white and yellow; pretty and compact. 27. hardy ferns or miniature bulbs will add extra interest. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Shorthorns and polled Angus are the commonest breeds of cattle; the sheep are mostly Cheviots and a Cheviot-Leicester cross, but the native sheep are still reared in considerable numbers in Hoy and South Ronaldshay; pigs are also kept on several of the islands, and the horses - as a rule hardy, active and small, though larger than the famous Shetland ponies - are very numerous, but mainly employed in connexion with agricultural work. ; Netti (ed. In summer our displays of half hardy plants are quite overpowering. hardy Underwriting Group is the holding company for the group. fritillus, a chess-board, so called from the chequered markings on the petals), a genus of hardy bulbous plants of the natural order Liliaceae, containing about 50 species widely distributed in the northern hemisphere. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Belted Galloways are a hardy rare breed which originated on the expose uplands of Galloway in the south west of Scotland. Hardy in 1875 (Ber., 8, p. 1594), and is a crystalline, very hygroscopic solid. The Welsh Mountain is a small, active, soft-woolled, whitefaced breed of hardy character. In plantations its bright foliage, with the orange cones and young shoots, render it an ornamental tree, hardy in southern Britain. Hardy, Christianity and the Roman Government (1894), reprinted in Studies in Roman History (1906), pp. Hardy, a railway official, who planned a town at the intersection of the New Orleans & NorthEastern (which built a round house and repair shops here in 1885) and the Gulf & Ship Island railways. In the Eclogues and Georgics Virgil is the idealizing poet of the old simple and hardy life of Italy, as the imagination could conceive of it in an altered world. They possess a hardy breed of ponies, for which the Dolbahanta country is famed. Of late years, however, more attention has been bestowed on arrangements of brilliant flowering plants with those of fine foliage, and the massing also of hardy early-blooming plants in parterre fashion has been very greatly extended. I now learn that during their row, unkind remarks were made about Standard managing director Bert Hardy. Platystemon californicus: hardy, i ft., sulphur yellow; neat and distinct. He works hard. Sentences. Of course, you are only limited by your imagination and this hardy straw form can continue to be recycled into a myriad of colorful themes and configurations for use indoors and outdoors, for years to come. A few hardy men broke the ice on the lake and had a swim. stinking chamomile is frost hardy at the rosette stage and can grow as a winter annual in Britain. Hardy, Christianity and the Roman Government (1894); J. Hardy, simple and industrious, fond of music, kind-hearted, and with a strangely artistic taste in dress, these people possess in a wonderful degree the secret of cheerful contentment. The stand-up act became a hardy staple of cablevision. Most people chose this as the best definition of hardy: The definition of hardy i... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Chamois-hunting, in spite of, or perhaps owing to the great danger attending it, has always been a favourite pursuit among the hardy mountaineers of Switzerland and Tirol, as well as of the amateur sportsmen of all countries, with the result that the animal is now comparatively rare in many districts where it was formerly common. Aspect: full sun hardiness: Fully hardy to half hardy. On the ground that the aim of every prosperous community should be to have a large proportion of hardy country yeomen, and that horticulture and agriculture demand such a high ratio of labour, as compared with feeding and breeding cattle, that the country population would be greatly increased by the substitution of a fruit and vegetable for an animal dietary. , Country boys are hardy and never cry when they fall or whine when they get hurt outside. Annuals may be divided into three classes: the hardy, which are sown at once in the ground they are to occupy; the half-hardy, which succeed best when aided at first by a slight hot bed, and then transplanted into the open air; and the tender, which are kept in pots, and treated as greenhouse or stove plants, to which departments they properly belong. Merchant-ships were allowed to sail direct to Chile, trade with France was sometimes permitted, and a large batch of hardy emigrants was sent out from the Biscay provinces of Spain. Tropaeolum majus (the nasturtium of gardens): hardy. Antirrhinum majus (Snapdragon): hardy, 6 in. These hardy garden auriculas are perfect for the front of a mixed, herbaceous or cottage-garden border. In the mountainous districts of Kandahar and Kabul the hardy tribes of Afghans had for centuries led a wild and almost independent life. Agrostis pulchella : hardy, 6 in. Those of most interest to English ornithologists naturally refer to Britanny, Normandy and Picardy, and are by Baillon, Benoist, Blandin, Bureau, Canivet, Chesnon, Degland, Demarle, De Norguet, Gentil, Hardy, Lemetteil, Lemonnicier, Lesauvage, Maignon, Marcotte, Nourry and Tasle, while perhaps the Ornithologie parisienne of M. The cattle are commonly small and hardy, and, like the Mexican cattle, are able to bear unfavourable conditions. Charming dwarf hardy bulbous plants of the liliaceous order, blooming in the early spring in company with Scilla sibirica, and of equally easy cultivation. They do not represent the opinions of Hardy, "may be briefly stated as follows: The notion of time, which seems at first sight to enter into (5) and (6), should be eliminated. The climate in the higher districts is raw and the produce is mostly confined to hardy cereals, such as oats. hardy enough to withstand temperatures of 113 degrees. : This is a great time to sow hardy annuals from seed while the soil is still warm. Sentences Containing 'hardy' They are strong and hardy, but of a cowardly spirit, and, by consequence, insolent, abject, and cruel. In the production of the hardy cereals, barley, rye and buckwheat, Wisconsin ranks high among the states of the Union; but oats and Indian corn are the largest cereal crops in the state. Baxter, who is known as a writer on art by the pseudonym of Leader Scott; and a notice by Thomas Hardy in the Athenaeum (16th of October 1886). hardy biennials can be sown this month, into a nursery bed or pots stored in a greenhouse or cold frame. Hardy annuals can be sown in pots or modules to provide color in the garden. Find more ways to say hardy, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Transplant all sorts of hardy evergreens and shrubs, especially in dry soils, giving abundance of water. : Connor, resplendent in blue overcoat and black flat cap, hardly stood still. Gray leaved plants like Santolina, lavender and Artemesia contrast beautifully with bright blue delphiniums and purple and white hardy geraniums. Good mules can be obtained in several districts, and small hardy oxen are largely bred for ploughing and transport. A large part of the chaparral consists of the chaparro, a low evergreen oak of hardy characteristics, mixed with mimosa, desmauthus, zonia and others. The journey to Port Hardy. Hardy, and still maintained by Professor Merrill) is hard to reconcile with Pliny's own statement that the Christians had promptly obeyed the emperor's decree against collegia (§ 7). Centranthus macrosiphon: hardy, t; to 2 ft., rosy-carmine. Aspect: Full sun to partial shade hardiness: Fully hardy, may be subject to frost damage. of this class, with which may be associated hardy subjects which flower during that season or very early spring, as the Christmas rose, and amongst bulbs the crocus and snowdrop. Early man had to lead a very hard life. British Saddlebacks are hardy and noted for their mothering ability. 3. And thank you for talking me up to Mr. Hardy. 2. Regardless of the precise origin of their ancestors, a few generations of harsh New England winters finalized the traits of the breed, creating a very hardy, large, intelligent, long-haired cat. That found in the works of William of Malmesbury (Hardy's ed. 46. Sow in the last week mignonette, and hardy annuals, in a warm border, for subsequent transplanting. Sentence with the word Hardy. Find more ways to say hardy, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. No better representative of the true old hardy Roman type, little softened by either luxury or education, had come to the head of affairs since the days of Marius. Kochia scoparia (Belvedere or lawn cypress): hardy, graceful green foliage, turning purple in autumn. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "hardy" Only the hardiest plants are able to survive in this harsh environmentPeople in this country are really hardy; they walk around in t-shirts and shorts when I've got a sweater and jacket on. Hardy, Memoirs of the earl of Charlemont (2 vols., 2nd. Cereals and hardy fruits grow on the higher ground, whilst rice is cultivated in the hot, well-watered valley of the Araxes. It is hardy, active and prolific, and nearly related to the wild boar. Papaver somniferum flore-pleno: hardy, 3 ft., white, lilac, rose, &c.; petals sometimes fringed. Ailments The Norwich Terrier is a healthy and quite hardy breed of dog. Sow in the second and the last week, on a warm border of a light sandy soil, with an east aspect, any free-flowering hardy annuals as Silene pendula, Nemophila, &c., for planting in spring; and auricula and primula seeds in pots and boxes. Small rough winkles and the occasional hardy barnacles gain enough shelter here to survive. For some cuttings, pots filled with light soil, with the protection of the propagating-house and of bell-glasses, are requisite; but for many of our hardy deciduous trees and shrubs no such precautions are necessary, and the insertion of a short shoot about half its length into moist and gritty ground at the proper season suffices to ensure its growth. But these joggers are not to be confused with gym clothes, says Hardy. It is almost a certainty that a number of trees would be found to be quite hardy. I am not sure why Carol chose to dress as a bawdy prostitute for a child’s costume party. inbred, and is not so hardy and prolific as most breeds. 05 ) 2. , Although he was toughly criticized, Dr. Martin Luther King was hardy and never gave in to mounting pressure against his movement. Linaria bipartita splendida: hardy, I ft., deep purple. An example of anapestic heptameter is The Lacking Sense by Thomas Hardy. The species of crocus are not very readily obtainable, but those who make a specialty of hardy bulbs ought certainly to search them out and grow them. The state of Chitral (see also Hindu Kusx) is somewhat larger than Wales, and supports a population of about 35, 000 rough, hardy hillmen. Xylosteum, a hardy shrub of dwarfish, erect habit, and L. In the Atlantic States it does not succeed; and, though nearly hardy in Great Britain, it is planted only as an ornament of the lawn or paddock. Matthiola incana (two groups, the Brompton and the Queen stocks): hardy, 2 to 21 ft., white, red and purple. Both cattle and horses are of a small and hardy breed. Sow vegetable marrows and hardy cucumbers on a warm border in the last week; sow cardoons in trenches, or (in the north) in pots under glass shelter; sow chicory for salading. Sow a few pots of hardy annuals in a frame, or on a sheltered border, for successional spring use if required. arabia, the three chief products are maize, wine and hardy fruit, especially plums. The Ed Hardy fragrance collection adds to an already enormous range of tattoo-inspired fashions and accessories for men, women and children. Country boys are hardy and never cry when they fall or whine when they get hurt outside. Bold, bright, intense: One barely needs to glance at Ed Hardy's artwork to understand its popularity. It's not very cold hardy and with the below-zero temperatures that can blanket the region, cold hardy is a characteristic that local vines need.. above the sea, the limit of the luxuriant growth of that hardy conifer in Britain; and in moist valleys or on imperfectly drained acclivities Norway spruce is more suitable. Nemophila maculata: hardy, 6 in., white, with violet spots at the edge. Catananche coerulea: hardy, 2 to 3 ft., blue or white. Even a plant like the potato, so largely cultivated and so perfectly hardy, has not established itself in a wild state in any part of Europe. On the other hand, the replanting of some of the French vineyards (after the ravages due to the phylloxera) with American vines, or, as was more generally the case, the grafting of the old French stock on the hardy American roots, resulted, after a time, in many cases, in the production of wines practically indistinguishable from those formerly made. A few hardy souls went off for an early morning run, I personally had a cup of coffee in bed. hardy fuchsias flourish better outdoors through the summer. ; a most graceful grass for bouquets. fleshy leaves, these hardy little plants will need next to no watering yet create a stunning display throughout the summer. Hardy's excellent work, Traite" de la taille des arbres fruitiers, will give a good idea how these dwarf trees are to be manipulated, a showing the first year's development from the maiden tree after being headed back, and b the form assumed a year or two later. Sow mignonette, stocks, &c., in pots; sow sweet peas and a few hardy annuals on a warm border. Hardy, the foreman; but when Mr. 5. In physique, the Asturians are like the Galicians, a people of hardy mountaineers and fishermen, finely built, but rarely handsome, and with none of the grace of the Castilian or Andalusian. Hardy British ferns belonging to such genera as Asplenium, Nephrodium, Aspidium, Scolopendrium, have become fairly popular of late years, and many charming varieties are now used in borders and rockeries. (1769-1839), British vice-admiral, of the Portisham (Dorsetshire) family of Hardy, was born on the 5th of April 1769, and in 1781 began his career as a sailor. Squashee Phil Hardy showed his folk roots with the tear-jerker âScotland Is My Homeâ, which, factually, is hard to argue with. They are also more hardy and industrious than those living nearer the equator. If so, the Ed Hardy shower curtain might be perfect for you. Lathyrus odoratus (Sweet Pea): hardy; there are two races, dwarf and tall, the latter - far and away the most beautiful - requires support; various colours; numerous immensely popular forms. Available for the hardy before they - enter the dressing rooms are a line of ice baths - highwater - training reco Examples of Hardy in a sentence. Examples of hardy in a sentence. But these joggers are not to be confused with gym clothes, says Hardy. Examples of hardy in a sentence: 1. Internally, however, it was rapidly declining, the once chaste and hardy Vandals being demoralized by the fervid climate of Africa and the sinful delights of their new capital, and falling ever lower into sloth, effeminacy and vice. Many beautiful Nymphaea hybrids have been raised between the tender and hardy varieties of different colours, and there are now in commerce lovely forms having not only white, but also yellow, rose, pink and carmine flowers. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. vulgaris is hardy in the south of England. While it is true that the building of railways, the opening of mines, the growth of the lumber industry and the settlement of frontier lands by hardy pioneers was rapidly promoted by this policy, it also resulted naturally in the accumulation of great wealth in the hands of a comparatively few men who were controlling lumber, coal, oil and railway transportation in a way that was believed to be a menace to the public welfare. The northern provinces had fallen into the power of Holland; the southern, peopled in a great measure by the hardy descendants of the successive colonists who had issued on all sides from the central establishment of Sao Paulo, had learned from their habits of unaided and successful enterprise to court independence. Papaver Rhoeas flore-pleno: hardy, 2 ft., scarlet and other colours; showy. Fishless Cycle: Instead of using a few hardy fish to start off the cycle, there is an option to use liquid ammonia. The most successful mode of forming roots is to place the cuttings in a mild bottom-heat, which expedites their growth, even in the case of many hardy plants whose cuttings strike roots in the open soil. Results See the photos Harrogate Town Center 10km, 30 July A hardy band of 11 male harriers (where were all the ladies? Campanula macrostyla: hardy, I to 2 ft., purple, beautifully veined. The Marsi were a hardy mountain people, famed for their simple habits and indomitable courage. 6. Hardy has shown that such a destruction of part of the filament may be effected by the attacks of another organism. 4. Calliopsis or Coreopsis Drummondii: hardy, I to 2 ft., golden yellow with red disk. You are not the first writer to be unsure whether hardy or hearty is the correct word. Check the meaning of hardy. The awards were held on 16 June 2013, and presented by Jeremy Hardy. The men are well known all over Spain and Portugal as hardy, honest and industrious, but for the most part somewhat unskilled, labourers; indeed the word Gallego has come to be almost a synonym in Madrid for a "hewer of wood and drawer of water.". Centranthus ruber (known as Pretty Betsy and Red Valerian): hardy, 2 to 3 ft., red. The Marsi were a hardy mountain people, famed for their simple habits and indomitable courage. the men of Rus, or Variags, as they were sometimes called, were simply the hardy Norsemen or Normans who at that time, in various countries of Europe, appeared first as armed marauders and then lived in the invaded territory as a dominant military caste until they were gradually absorbed by the native population. Chris Furness Introducing your new parish councilors: My name is Brian Hardy recently co-opted on to the Parish Council. 1-162; with the literature quoted in these works and in Schanz, Rom. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples This hardy plant with the botanical name Dracaena is actually a member of the lily family. Contrary, however, to the once universal belief, the experiments of the department of agriculture of the United States have definitely proved that hardy vegetables in great variety can readily be produced in the coastal region and at various stations in the Yukon valley; and presumably, therefore, all over the interior S. Large areas are covered by the kussa, a hardy member of the rose family, which grows from 8 to 10 ft. Leopards, both spotted and black, are numerous and often of great size; hyaenas are found everywhere and are hardy and fierce; the lynx, wolf, wild dog and jackal are also common. After all his mid-life crisis type behavior (please, we are all begging, step away from the Ed Hardy gear) over the past months, it turns out that the Gosselin divorce is thisclose to nearing a finale…like the show. Full details and photos will be added Hardy Pilot Red Pepper was a 20ft Hardy Pilot with a Suzuki 50hp four stroke outboard. Just visible in the top left-hand corner is Gunnera manicata, a huge perennial which looks really tropical, although it 's quite hardy. They are hardy, whitefaced sheep, with a close-coated longwool fleece. 2. During the War of Independence the hardy mountaineers under John Sevier and Evan Shelby did valiant service against both the royal troops and the Loyalists in South Carolina, chiefly as partisan rangers under Charles McDowell (1743-1815). 3. The worms are more hardy than is commonly supposed, and endure variations of temperature from 62° to 78° F. In the same way the rearing of worms for graine in the open air, and under as far as possible natural conditions, has proved equally valuable towards the development of a hardy, vigorous and untainted stock. In colonial times the llanos were covered with immense herds of cattle and horses and were inhabited by a race of hardy, expert horsemen, the llaneros. Hardy, who found that certain colloids did possess electric charges, the sign of which depended on whether the surrounding liquid was slightly acid or slightly alkaline. blueberryng on variety, highbush blueberries are hardy from Zones 4 through 11. , The Assateague ponies were surprisingly hardy and thrived in areas that did not have their preferred foods or climates. This variety of rose is especially hardy a Big fans of the Ed Hardy fragrance lineup can find plenty of gift sets to satisfy their needs. Gypsophila elegans: hardy, t z ft., pale rose; branched very gracefully. One such near miss was the mathematical prodigy Ramanujan , who might well have died , ' mute and inglorious ' had he not been rescued from dire poverty and trained by his mentor , the Cambridge mathematician , G.H . Eschscholtzia crocea flore-pleno: hardy, t 2 ft., orange yellow; double. I. decora f. alba Flowers white, slightly more hardy. Another plant of the same family (Leguminosae) Hedysarum coronarium, a very handsome hardy biennial often seen in old-fashioned collections of garden plants, is commonly called the French honeysuckle. The Welsh Onion or Ciboule, Allium fistulosum, is a hardy perennial, native of Siberia. Coreopsis grandiflora: hardy, 2 to 3 ft., bright yellow; the finest member of the genus. A pair of kittens could be named after some of the great double acts of the past; Oliver and Hardy, Fred and Ginger or Bob and Bing are a few that immediately spring to mind. They are as a rule of a very hardy character, thriving best in northern latitudes - the trees having round, slender branches, and serrate, deciduous leaves, with barren and fertile catkins on the same tree, and winged fruits, the so-called seeds. Leptosiphon densiflorus: hardy in light soil, i ft., purplish or rosy-lilac. The ridicule that greeted the revelation of the Pop-gun Plot marked the beginning of a reaction that found a more serious expression in the trials of Thomas Hardy, John Home Tooke and John Theiwall (October and November 1794). Hans also received in fief the territory of Dietmarsch from the emperor, but, in attempting to subdue the hardy Dietmarschers, suffered a crushing defeat in which the national banner called " Danebrog " fell into the enemy's hands (1500). They are also hardy fish that can handle changes in their environment without too much stress. Bearing that in mind I should touch on the persistent and often torrential downpour that we hardy souls had to endure. They are very hardy, and yield mutton of choice flavour. Lunaria biennis (Honesty): hardy, 2 to 3 ft., purple; the silvery dissepiment attractive among everlastings. NASTURTIUM, or Indian Cress, Tropaeolum majus, a perennial climber, native of Peru, but in cultivation treated as a hardy annual. Bartonia aurea: hardy, 2 ft., golden yellow; showy and free. Here he imbibed in his earlier years a good measure of the hardy simplicity and strong seriousness which the later Romans attributed to the men of the early republic - characteristics which were supposed to linger in the Sabine land after they had fled from the rest of Italy. They are a hardy breed therefore veterinary costs should be low. Use "hardy" in a sentence. How to use hardy in a sentence is shown in this page. long-playing record on music associated with Thomas Hardy. Later the spring garden department is a scene of great attraction; and some of the gardens of this character, as those of Cliveden and Belvoir, are among the most fascinating examples of horticultural art. This and a noted breed of hardy ponies form the chief articles of export. These cookies do not store any personal information. Muskdeer are hardy, solitary and retiring animals, chiefly nocturnal in habits, and almost always found alone, rarely in pairs and never in herds. A real beauty of a shrub, although not reliably hardy. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Wool has long been a favorite because it's hardy and incredibly warm. Collinsia bicolor: hardy, r i ft., white and purple; pretty. In connexion with the last, he made a cruise in the Channel fleet, on board the "Victory," as a volunteer under the command of Admiral Sir Charles Hardy. The newest member of the Ed Hardy men's collection is Love and Luck. They are a hardy people, and are the least civilized of the four principal native races. Mock-privet is Phillyrea, a member of the same order and a small genus of ornamental hardy evergreen shrubs, natives of the Mediterranean region and Asia Minor. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. In dry open weather plant dried roots, including most of the finer florists' flowers; continue the transplanting of hardy biennial flowers and herbaceous plants. of Irish Periodical Literature from the End of the 17th to the Middle of the Igth Century (2 vols., London, 1867); Francis Hardy, Memoirs of the Earl of Charlemont (2 vols., London, 1812); W. The tree in England is scarcely hardy, though it will grow freely in some sheltered places. hardy geraniums by Peter Yeo Normal Price £ 20.00 The standard work on the genus of hardy geraniums. The inhabitants are mostly of Swedish descent, and are hardy seamen and fishermen. Only a section of some of the best of the decorative hardy perennials can be noted, before we pass on to those popular subjects of this class which have been directly influenced by the hybridizer and improver. 3. Lamb's lettuce Also called corn salad, very hardy winter salad with a soft texture and mild flavor. graphic novel loosely based on Hardy`s FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD. That known as the Norfolk breed is the smaller of the two, and is said to be the less hardy. Hardy has discussed in the Zeitschrift der deutschen morgenlaindischen Gesellschaft (1897), pp. A supply of roses, kalmias, rhododendrons, &c., and of hardy flowers and bulbs, as lily of the valley, hyacinths, tulips, daffodils, &c., should be kept up by forcing. The Belgian hare is a large breed of a hardy and prolific character, which closely resembles the hare in colour, and is not unlike it in form. 100 examples: Even the hardiest in the vaudeville industry realized the form was in decline… Sentence with the word Hardy. Malcolmia maritima (Virginian Stock): hardy, 6 in., lilac, rose or white. Carole will be planting a variety of hardy annual foliage plants to create a foliage plants to create a foliage border. Both alike are hardy, though rarely tall; both, when of the peasant class, frugal and inured to toil amid the rigours of their native climate. The front garden includes an evergreen magnolia, topiary spirals in pots, standard privets as well as hardy plantings in terracotta pots. Examples of hardy in a sentence, how to use it. A few hardy souls had turned out to watch the hockey game. Sow seeds of sweet alyssum, candytuft, daisies, mignonette, pansies, &c. Visit the roadsides and woods for interesting plants to put in the hardy borders. A stroll around many of the UK gardens open to the public will reveal in the autumn, drifts of hardy cyclamen. A ll alliums are fully to frost hardy in all parts of the country. British saddlebacks are hardy and noted for their mothering ability. Oenothera odorata: hardy, 2 to 3 ft., yellow; fragrant. Available for the hardy before they - enter the dressing rooms are a line of ice baths - highwater - training reco One of these under Humbert succeeded in landing a force in Killala Bay, and gained some success in Connaught before it was subdued by Lake and Cornwallis, Wolfe Tone's brother Matthew being captured, tried by court-martial, and hanged; a second, accompanied by Napper Tandy (q.v. During the seven years of his married life Mill published less than in any other period of his career, but four of his most ' Mrs Taylor (Harriet Hardy) was the wife of John Taylor, a wholesale druggist in the city of London. ; But such simple devices are hardly practicable in an age when history is scientifically studied. They require to be sown in the summer months, about June or July, in order to get established before winter; they should be pricked out as soon as large enough, and should have ample space so as to become hardy and stocky. hardy-weinberg in a sentence - Use "hardy-weinberg" in a sentence 1. 'SHALLOT,' Allium ascalonicum, a hardy bulbous perennial, which has not been certainly found wild and is regarded by A. Hardy for the Pali Text Society in 1902; and the Petaka Upadesa. It is perhaps the largest collection of hardy trees and shrubs known, comprising some 4500 species and botanical varieties. 10. Prepare to make a statement with the Ed Hardy fragrance for women. Digitalis purpurea (Foxglove): hardy, 3 to 5 ft., rosy-purple or' white; beautifully spotted; the variety called gloxinioides has regular, erect flowers. They are hardy and prolific, but do not quite equal the Cotswolds in size. In the meantime a young lieutenant Thomas Hardy had succesfully cut out a French brig from the harbor at Santa Cruz, Tenerife. The Bohea variety is hardy, and capable of thriving under many different conditions of climate and situation, while the indigenous plant is tender and difficult of cultivation, requiring for its success a close, hot, moist and equable climate. Linum grandiflorum: hardy, I ft., splendid crimson; var. I can give you several sentences.This is a hardy variety of fruit tree.He has a hardy appetite.She has always had a hardy constitution. In fresh-water culture the eggs thus fertilized may be at once distributed to the waters to be stocked, or they may be kept in special receptacles provided with a suitable stream of water until the fry are hatched, and then distributed, or again they may be reared in the hatchery for several months until the fry are active and hardy. £ 3.75 (Papaver orientalis) Oriental poppy A hardy perennial poppy. How to use hardy in a sentence. As walls afford valuable space for the growth of the choicer kinds of hardy fruits, the direction in which they are built is of considerable importance. hardy in a sentence: hardy meaning in Hindi. The hardy and ubiquitous sunflower has been chosen as the Kansas state flower or floral emblem. Malope trifida: hardy, 3 ft., rich glossy purplish-crimson; showy. Can you see any escapism in Hardy's In the Time of 'The Breaking Nations '? 27. Dave is certainly hardier than me. It might be fully hardy in a mild winter. Calliopsis or Coreopsis bicolor (tinctoria) : hardy, 2 to 3 ft., yellow and chestnut-brown. 4. The front garden includes an evergreen magnolia, topiary spirals in pots, standard privets as well as hardy plantings in terracotta pots. It took me some time to convince Mr. Hardy you were the best painter in the area for his Cannery Row project. He is hard of hearing. Hardy plants, such as pinks, pansies, &c., are propagated by cuttings planted a during early summer in light rich soil. Dianthus barbatus (Sweet William): hardy, I to I i ft., crimson, purple, white or parti-coloured. The mountainous country, ill-suited for agricultural purposes, was well adapted for these hardy warriors,whose training was Spartan in its simplicity and severity. Hardy, brave and slow-witted, obedient to discipline, attached to his officers, he makes the finest soldier of the East. Turn out hardy plants about the middle, and the more tender at the latter end of the month. Cleveland, Hardy ( Browns have slowest LBs in NFL ). The same species can thus endure a great difference of temperature; but the important fact is, that the individuals have become acclimatized to the altitude at which they grow, so that seeds gathered near the upper limit of the range of a species will be more hardy than those gathered near the lower limit. Morris and Hardy (Pali Text Society, 1888-1900), vol. Use "hardy" in a sentence. hardy in most areas, this foliage plant only asks for a sheltered spot to prevent wind damage to its leaves. It is very hardy and prolific, but somewhat coarse in the bone. He is a hard man to please. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. Ritson pointed out in 1784 that the so-called ancient ballads were some of them of modern date, and Pinkerton confessed that he was the author of the second part of Hardy Kanute and partauthor of some others. Leaf stem eaten cooked or raw, Rhizome considered medicinal. Trees in the woodland are hardy, withstanding cold winters and severe weather in the spring. Saponaria calabrica: hardy, 6 to 8 in., bright rose pink or white; continuous blooming, compact-growing. 213+6 sentence examples: 1. There are now many large collections of hardy trees and shrubs in private parks and gardens throughout the British Islands, the interest taken in them by their proprietors having largely increased in recent years. Blood lily is fairly hardy in warmer areas and can be over-wintered with a layer of mulch in the garden. In consequence of the success of these early enterprises his following largely increased, several of the more patriotic nobles - including the steward of Scotland, Sir Andrew Moray, Sir John de Graham, Douglas the Hardy, Wishart, bishop of Glasgow, and others - having joined him. ), came to disaster on the coast of Donegal; while Wolfe Tone took part in a third, under Admiral Bompard, with General Hardy in command of a force of about 3000 men, which encountered an English squadron near Lough Swilly on the 12th of October 1798. From the landing stage here the hardy tourist can either walk the mile and a half track into the mountains or hire a mule.
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