Above-and-Below the Line is a filmmaking term that you will come across frequently if working in the film industry.. In short, it is an accountancy term that now is used to refer to two types of film crew positions and the amount of creative say you get on the production. Above-grade and Below-grade are defined as distinct areas and the appraiser will report and value them separately on the sales comparison grid. Above Ground Pool. On the other hand, the word below is used in the sense of ‘lower than’. Is is possible to say that "Above" means "over" and "Under" means"below", but not the opposite? They are also … Above or over? Above-the-line deductions, while commonly referred to as a deduction, are technically adjustments to your income. According to my grammar: Over - In a higher position (close or touching) Above - In a higher position. Under - In a lower position (close or touching) Below - In a lower position. Only finished above-grade areas should be used in calculating and reporting above-grade room count and GLA. Example: There's a helicopter flying round above / over the school. One of the things which confuses many of our student readers is the distinguishing features between Above the line vs below the line marketing. This concerns promotional activities where the business has direct control over the target or intended audience. Beneath vs Below There is a subtle difference between Beneath and Below, but they are often confused due to the appearing similarity between their meanings. The word beneath is generally understood in the sense of ‘under’. 1. Below is the top 6 difference between Above the Line vs Below the Line. Before we delve further in this article, I highly recommend reading the article on above the line as well as below the line. First, let’s distinguish above, below, over, under, beneath, (beneath, beyond, …), and next to, which are all prepositions or prepositional phrases, from up and down, which are usually adverbs. Above-the-line tends to have a higher cost since the promotional methods used are less precise. This refers to the ability of the pump to lift water vertically, since most inground pumps are located above water level, and most aboveground pumps are situated below water level. Below the line promotion. This is the least expensive pool type; They are quick and easy to install; They are designed for the do-it-yourselfer, and can be up and running within days of purchase, which contributes to a lower cost. Let us discuss some of the major differences between Above the Line vs Below the Line: ATL is an activity that has no specific target whereas the BTL consists of activities targeting a specific target group. Above-the-line deductions can also refer to business deductions and losses. - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary Above the Line Advertising Experts state that this method has been used for more than five decades, since the middle of the last century. The main aims of above-the-line promotion are to inform customers, raise awareness and build brand positioning. The main difference between inground and aboveground pool pumps is that inground pumps are “self-priming”, and aboveground pumps are not. Key Differences between Above the Line vs Below the Line. The article below highlights the difference between ATL and BTL. These adjustments include traditional IRA contributions, moving and education expenses, alimony payments and the deductible portion of self-employment tax.
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