Sorry, but professional martial artist beats gorilla 6/10 times. Debunking argument: If it grabs your arms, you can head butt its nose, that would hurt the gorilla. And a gorilla represents one of those times. They behave differently and occasionally threaten their opponents to scare them away. Basically, you're not changing your - quite frankly, idiotic - opinion regardless of whatever information is brought up. I am no longer a young man, and gorillas live to be 35-40 generally, so that gorilla is probably dead and gone. as being pretentious, false, or exaggerated. Open hand strikes? A Human Can Beat a Fully Grown Male Silverback Gorilla Without Weapons. However , it is very likely you may lose your arm. Unless the gorilla is somehow hobbled (drugged, lamed, etc. Really, you don’t want to fight a gorilla. Yeah, it doesn't matter that gorillas can bite 100x the volume humans can, in one bite. You could strike a steal wall with open hands as hard as you could 10 times without taking a break and you wouldn't break your wrists, It can't be blocked in most cases, gorilla is faster than humans. As soon as it comes in to bite you, you could easily dig your index and middle finger into one of its eyes, or elbow its mouth, which could knock it out. It's a thing a human can accomplish. @apex_pretador: They're probably the same guy. Not to mention that gorillas regularly fight each other in the wild, so they're built to take blows from other gorillas. And no, gorillas don't know the soft spots of how to knock each other out like humans do, they aren't that smart. Yes I have proven that a human martial artist would effortlessly defeat a fully grown male silverback gorilla, calling me a troll won't change the fact that tI'm right. Also, the person who created this lion thread is the biggest troll. The strength of a gorilla is exceptional, as noted above, and a human could not go hand in hand with a gorilla and succeed. On another occasion, "Suzette" registered a pull of 1260 Lbs while in a rage (same zoo). Gorillas can't fight. That's risky! Epic Guide to Gorilla Strength How Strong is a Gorilla? Gorillas are 4 to 9 times stronger than human. A Chimp on average is about 1.3-2 times stronger than a Human. Not even 12 men can remove a gorilla’s hands from a human’s neck if it were choking you or split its jaws if it were biting someone. GORILLAS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CHIMPS. And for the record, I never wanted a rematch. A gorilla’s strength is equivalent to that of 12 strongest humans on earth. Humans are severely underestimated in terms of how powerful we are unarmed. Alright tough guy, if you think you can take down a gorilla in a fight, think again. They are cats that train their fighting techniques all the time. They regularly take hits from other gorillas, an elbow isn't doing jack. If its arms get you, you aren't dead. No it wouldn't fling you off, because it wouldn't be able to. You'll probably break your hand trying to punch his skull. The problem is that a human is more likely to be afraid of the chimp and far more reluctant to fight back. It wouldn't eat your face easily if you don't let it. And even if it gets pissed off, you could blind its other eye. How Many Humans Would it take to Beat a Gorilla. A human can penetrate the fur and into the skin. Having endured the gorilla’s brave and brutal best, the bear is bruised but not beaten and can see that the gorilla … You really think jamming a thumb into a gorilla's eyes would stop it from attacking you? You have yet to prove that a human can't go blow for blow with a gorilla. You'd be dead. Neck is too thick! You are wrong. If the relationship between brain and body weight is considered, the gorilla comes last in a comparison with the other apes and humans. @princearagorn1: I actually refreshed the site like 4 times as I was writing it because I thought it would lol. A record form the USA of a 100Lbs chimp achieving a dead lift of 600 Lbs with ease sugests that, with training, a Male gorilla could raise 1800 Lbs. Gorillas neck aren't that thick, you can choke them out. It's a thing a human can accomplish. It's a lot of chest banging, yelling, and a little striking. :p. @god_spawn: @jashro44: Not a battle, mismatch if it's a battle, and a bait thread either way. So a gorilla could catch an elite runner. This test has been debunked like twice. I once made a thread putting 5 real life peak humans (like brock lesnar, MIKE TYSON etc) WITH PREP against one gorilla and got trolled in an epic fashion. It's not possible to prove a negative of that manner, you would have to prove the latter. Debunking argument: LOL. In terms of cats, a 300 male lion is probably a 400 pound male gorilla's max. Assume that the punch strength of a Gorilla and human has the same ratio. Silverback gorillas males stand on average 6 foot tall with the females topping out around 5 feet. Also Read: What to do when a gorilla charges on you. With the ability to break a human hand with little or no ease, a gorilla is a very big threat to humans when fighting. That's not debunking, that's just plain old stubbornness. Eye gouging? except you cannot cite a single thing other than your own rhetoric? And just what do you think would happen if you were to do that anyway? And I'm not responding because it's a waste of time and effort on my part. That picture shows how easy it would be to put your arms around its neck when it charges at you. It DOES matter if the human knows martial arts, because it WILL help them. The only scenario where 10 or 12 humans can stand a chance is when they are armed. A gorilla is in a different league in terms of strength. By the pure definition of the word, so far in this thread, you've debunked nothing. Often they are animal vs. animal but otherwise, a man vs. animal, which doesn’t happen frequently but one battle keeps popping up and has kept the people debating as to who will win in a fight, a Silverback Gorilla or a Grizzly bear. Required fields are marked *. How hard can a gorilla punch?It is believed that a gorilla punch is strong enough to shatter your skull with one slam of its arm:/Between 1300 to 2700 pounds of force. my grandad told my father the story , he heard it while in the army abroad , i know you wont listen of even care but thats true and is what would happen to any guy. False argument 5: If the gorilla charges at you, you're dead! Yeah, a gorilla can’t float in water, but that is not the sole reason why gorillas can’t swim. And fighters aren’t even elite runners. Gorilla has a thicker fur than human bite possibility.. Gorilla has MUCH denser muscles compared to humans. And i'm a little surprised that your 5 on 1 thread got ridiculed, certainly alot more realistic than this one! Grappling a gorilla isn't something anyone would ever think about doing in the first place. A highly common misconception in history is that a male silverback gorilla would beat any human in a fight because of their superior strength. You are wrong. Conclusion: Any good fighter can beat a gorilla without weapons. You just couldn't eat as much as a gorilla eats: adult males might consume 18kg of vegetation every day – equivalent to a human male chowing down on 8-9kg. Gorilla vs human: Can a human fight a gorilla? I think a gorilla should be able to kill a jaguar head on in a fight 6/10. I hope he had a happy life. For better understanding, let’s compare a cow and a gorilla. And what experience/knowledge with silverback's has lead you to believe that? Total newbs! So the punch force of a gorilla could be from 1300 lbs to 2700 lbs. They can easily break your ribs with ease or simply without many efforts. You claimed that its too thick to get choked out, so the burden of proof is on you. not a battle....even if it were, it would be spiteful. Your email address will not be published. Lifespan of Gorillas: How long do Gorillas Live. Debunking argument: Nope. Muscles aren't thick enough to prevent human from choking them out. Good job debunking yourself. We may not have fur to protect against scratches and bites or claws to slash our enemies, but we are still big powerful apes. I'm just suggesting that it's very conceivable for a peak condition human to win against a chimp in a fight. Numbers of Grauer’s gorillas (Gorilla beringei graueri) are unknown but are thought to have plummeted in the past 20 years as a result of hunting, human destruction and … So a gorilla could catch an elite runner. If you dig your thump into its eye with all your might you would blind one of its eyes. But unarmed? 480 lbs of muscle giving the human a 100 lbs weight advantage, a trained human would kick his ass. Almost Human (2015) ISBN 1478752394 and Becoming Human (2018) by Kenneth L. Decross, ISBN 0648417123 In fact, if you were going up in a hand-to-hand fight against any other animal in the world, a silverback gorilla is definitely one of the worst draws you could manage. False argument 1: Gorillas are way stronger than humans therefore a gorilla would beat a we'll trained human! False argument 6: You can't choke a gorilla! Gorilla Attributes. Blindly refusing to be proven wrong sets a really bad precedent. Most of them will lose their lives in the fight. There are several astounding battles that have taken place in the wild. Gorillas are MUCH faster than humans. The fact of the matter is, as soon as it lays a hand on you, you're being rag dolled, as soon as it hits you, you're on the floor, as soon as it gets its arms around you, you're dead, and as soon as it bites you, you've lost half of your face. Lucy by Laurence Gonzales (2010), ISBN 978-0307473905. Gorillas strength is about 10 times their body weight. Ever see a gorilla fight? To give reference, a human’s average jogging speed is approximately 6 to 8 mph, while the average sprint speed is about 20 mph. Do you honestly think a normal bloke can hold down a gorilla? Can a human defeat a gorilla in hand to hand combat? IF it bites you, you aren't losing half your face. Lol was reading that Lion thread, had me dying. All you've done thus far is reply to people saying "no you're wrong," "false" etc, without anything to back it up. Also, I'm not going to believe your story. The headlock wouldn't hold down the gorilla but it would choke the gorilla while it was running around. Throw OP into a cage with a bloodlusted silverback and I will take bets on how long he lasts. And in the words of Michael De Montaigne, "Stubborn and ardent clinging to one's opinion is the best proof of stupidity." @jjiijj: You havent PROVEN anything , your just a troll who is hungy and yes i know im feeding you by even responding, but i want to tell you a true story , my father told me about a time where this trained martial artist , ( certified black belt with over 30 years training ) for a bet of over £10000 that he could beat a silverback , this guy was 6.4 and 300 pounds , and unfortuntly he died while doing this , he went straight at the silverback and at first the gorilla didnt know what was going on and the guy was really punching and wrestling with it , until he got the gorilla in the eye and it went mental it threw the guy off him and pummled him to the ground and then bite his neck and killed him. Also you have teeth to. A giant Royce Gracie would kick his ass. It'd fling you off then eat your face, that's what would happen. Again, they aren't strong enough to outmatch the skill. They have a fighting instinct which even the most well-trained human fighter can only emulate. SIDENOTE: I am not encouraging you to fight a gorilla! So the answer is no, a human, no human, can beat a full-grown gorilla. Debunking argument: Strength isn't everything in a fight. The chimpanzee study was faulty, and also, you haven't debunked anything I've said so there's no point in me wasting my time with you. There comes a point where strength trumps skill every time. Shining its arms can be blocked. It would just piss it off. The most you could realistically do from that is blind it, and at that point it already has its arms around you. Unfortunately, this is impossible hence, 5 to 12 human beings cannot defeat a gorilla in a fight. I'll leave you with this, if skill is truly greater than strength every time, then surely a human could take out any animal, as humans are the only animal with inherent fighting skill to begin with? Also, unlike humans, gorillas have small brain cavity / small skull, mostly filled with bones, so they can't be KO'd like humans easily. well it doesnt matter if you dont belive it its true ,the guy was a professional boxer and a black belt at jui jutsu , ive seen a video of a deer with one eye hanging out and its still protectiong itself , a gorrila would be the same , and just to let you know that my young cousin has been so inspired by your thread that he actually wants to go out and fight a gorilla , he woont listen to me when i said your joking, and how come even professional fighters have troube beating people in a street fight and thats a PERSON , a gorilla would destroy,, and again what scientific evidence have you got. They can reach speeds of 20 to 25 miles per hour. The best you can do is try to divert its attention so that it attacks someone else. I don't think I need to explain the difference, do I? Some people say that gorillas are stronger than chimps and chimps are 4-6 times stronger than humans, therefore gorillas are much stronger than humans. The only real shot you have to kill a gorilla will be chocking it by putting your arm inside his mouth and forcing as much as you can, to choke him out. @apex_pretador: good to know, about the feat, thank you. @beaconofstrength: This thread gave me a good laugh, You trying this on a real gorilla would deunk it. Read how I've been debunking everyone on this thread. It is questionable, though, since either animal doesn’t share the same strength, mass, height, weight. And fighters aren’t even elite runners. Open hand strikes would not break your wrists, clearly you don't know anything about martial arts. You wouldn't use the same argument against a bear would you? Mountain gorilla’s bones are thrice stronger, longer and thicker than that of humans. I hope he had a happy life. Calling me a troll won't change the fact that I'm right. Me trying this on a gorilla would prove me right. Ok, and.anderson silva beats hulk by skill. We are going to look at these powerful animals and determine how a silverback gorilla would fair in a fight with each. I've just responded and debunked you. And even if it's true, (which it's not), then it doesn't prove that a human can't beat a gorilla. I made this thread to have a discussion and so far I've debunked everyone who opposed me. If you want to see how big and strong a gorilla is, contact these gorilla trekking companies and book your Uganda gorilla trekking or Rwanda gorilla trekking safari. The only real shot you have to kill a gorilla will be chocking it by putting your arm inside his mouth and forcing as much as you can, to choke him out. You're not responding because you've been debunked. You can harm him by eye gouging but he'll get mad and swing his arms which can potentially do a lot of damage. Tyson could never win against a gorilla. A human can't choke a gorilla to death. The adrenaline-fueled fight from the first two rounds has drained from the gorilla. h ow hard can a gorilla punch? Well, time to debunk them. Though relatively docile, gorillas are highly powerful and quick animals. Yes, he can fight. Beating a gorilla without weapons is not impressive. The average punch force of karate black belt is recorded at 325 pounds. If the human makes an unexpected movement, the silverback male can react with horrific roaring and bluff charges. And for the record, I never wanted a rematch. Why Can’t you Make Eye Contact with a Gorilla? agreed, and more important factor is - durability, fur and speed. I am no longer a young man, and gorillas live to be 35-40 generally, so that gorilla is probably dead and gone. Second comes the gorilla with a brain weight of approximately 500 g. However, brain size alone is not a reliable indicator of the animal's mental abilities. Gorillas fur thickness > Human teeth length. The more recent studies put chimps at about twice as strong as humans at equal weights. lol that'd break your wrists. No it won't eat your face if you head butt its nose, it would let you go for a while. They have a tendency of fighting one person at … You could strike a steal wall with open hands as hard as you could 10 times without taking a break and you wouldn't break your wrists. No chance. Oh no skill is not greater than strength every time, but gorillas aren't strong to the point in which human skill doesn't matter. (the comparison given is 210Lbs for a man of the same weight). Gorillas, the largest primates in the world, can stand up to six feet tall and weigh upwards of 400 pounds. Choking out a gorilla is not impressive. Even at our fastest (think Usain Bolt at 28 mph), humans would likely not be able to outrun these quick creatures based on speed and other factors. But it'll be a one sided slaughter regardless of how well trained and conditioned the human is. This topic is locked from further discussion. Simply put, they could eat your face pretty damn easily. Open hand strikes would not break your wrists, clearly you don't know anything about martial arts. With the ability to break a human hand with little or no ease, a gorilla is a very big threat to humans when fighting. Their bones are thrice longer, stronger and thicker than that of humans. Debunking argument: No you're not, you could move to the side and put it in a headlock, choking it to death. so a human can bring down a hippo with biting? Irrelevant because I've proven beyond any reasonable doubt that a martial artist would stomp a gorilla in a fight. Why haven't you guys responded yet? Unless you post a clip of you fighting a silverback with bare hands here, you're wrong.
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